Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The Emotions of Life Investigated - what exactly is POSITIVE THINKING? (Day 23)

The Emotions of Life Investigated - what exactly is POSITIVE THINKING?

It is day 23 of the 30 day Adventure and our investigations into Emotions that affect who we think we are.

Our connection to our Emotions have been and will forever be the cause of our not reaching the full potential of what we are capable off.

We have spoken about this on numerous occassions in our articles since Psychegnosis News was introduced to the World in January of this year and we would like to dedicate this article to this important topic today.

The 9th Mission Statement as quoted below will take a few days of deliberation but we shall ALL find it very very enlightening. so let us proceed :

9. PSYCHEGNOSIS is not a motivational programme.

It cannot be understood by the so called wisdom of the World but will become the way for those who are meek and humble.

The so called learned people will never understand the message because it is not possible for them. It is not their fault.

The importance that mankind has put on the shoulders of the Thinking Mind being “who we are” is 100%.

This complete faith in our thoughts and Emotions being “who we are” has been the downfall of of ALL men since we discovered how to Think.

Our total reliance on the Thinking Mind as being “who we are” has taken our Planet to the brink of disaster and will never bring the Peace we ALL desire deep within our Psyche.

This emphasis on our Emotions being “who we are” is so strong we Will be discussing this erroneous Belief in minute detail over the coming months.

We ask that we ALL look at the evidence and - not RELY ON what we Think we know.

The World is infatuated within its so called books of knowledge with Positive Thinking as being the Solution to ALL the Worlds ills.

This focus is being taught within our Universities and schools of learning as being the way forward and that mankind is who “we think we are”.

Positive Thinking is only an EMOTION the same as ALL other Emotions.

It has a part to play in the process of Communication but it is only an Emotion.

It has credence but not in the way it has been elevated within the Physical World as being “who we are”.

The actions of ALL men are Positive in that we are Positively Negative or Positively Positive.

This Positive attitude is in every person and in every Belief held by mankind but have never achieved Peace.

These Positive Beliefs are within all Religious Beliefs but have never achieved Peace.

Every Human Being is Positive in that they Think but it has never achieved Peace.

Why is this?

The reason is that we are ALL taught a different form of Positivity.

These are biased towards what we have been taught on ALL levels depending on where we are born.

We believe what we were taught by our peers and our parents.

We may decide our Beliefs are wrong and change direction for another Belief but it is still only what we have stored within the Thinking Mind.

It is Information’s from our Experiences here in the Physical Domain and we are Positive about our Beliefs and Negative about what others Believe.

Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking are EXACTLYthe same in that they are both Emotions and not “who we are”.

The first part of the 9th Mission Statement which is - PSYCHEGNOSIS IS NOT A MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMME - has been covered only briefly in our article today and shall also be our topic tomorrow also.

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