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Health - what should we eat? (part 4)

Health - what should we eat?

Our 4th composition on Health will be better understood when we have reviewed the previous 3 issues.

We are focusing on a topic that has deep rooted belief systems in all corners of the planet as well as within each individual.

What is eaten in every situation from the Western World to the Eastern lands is varied.

Our varied diets unfortunately cause a conflict of opinions to what is supposedly good or bad for us.

What is eaten in each society is a varied assortment of what Mother Nature has on our wonderful planet.

We have fruits of all kinds.

There are incredible amounts of fish in the oceans that surround us all.

The animal kingdom provides food for us in great amounts.

We live in a world of great abundance.

Mother Nature has provided more than enough of all things that mankind uses for food.

There are opinions galore on what we should and what we should not eat.

We have our beliefs ingrained in our Sub-conscious depending on the circumstances we are born into.

If we were born in a meat eating household or a vegetable eating home we are biased towards the opinion that agrees with what we know.

Our Country of origin has also a lot of influence towards our diet.

We are all sincere in what we believe about what we eat and what we feel should not be eaten.

Our opinion is part of our D.N.A that is passed to us from generation to generation that influences and strengthens each and every belief.

This is how it is.

We are a world of great diversity.

Our Sub-conscious belief is our guiding influence.

We are caught up in Judging one another because we feel that what we believe is the only True way.

We look down on other countries and people because of our views.

We are convinced that what we do is somehow good and what others eat is somehow wrong.

Who gives any of us that right?

Where do we get the authority to be the Judge and the Juror?

What good does this Judgment of our fellow Human beings bring ?

Is our belief not causing division amongst others who are simply following their belief systems?

Are we not just giving our opinion on what we believe?

Does our views make us right?

It is as it !S.

All of Nature has a living Vibration.

Animals AND plants have a Vibration that make up - the Vibration of Life itself.

We are also Vibration.

We ALL have to eat - as do the animals - as do the plants.

We are all connected by the same Vibration we call Life.

We cannot tell the animals or the plants what they should eat because it would unsettle the balance of Nature - so we should not tell each other what to eat or not to eat.

The Vibration of Life exists in all creation.

The connection to our thoughts and therefore our belief is the problem.

Our thinking mind is what does the Judging.

The Judgements that our thinking gives are only our opinion.

Should we be caught up in what we consider correct as being an Absolute Truth?

Does it not lead to division and a sense of superiority?

PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed that our thoughts are “not who we are”.

That the world we live in is designed so that we have diversity in all things.

Do we not see that our connection to a belief that makes others wrong is dangerous, especially if it Judges others?

We ask that we realise that our beliefs are only our beliefs.

That we as Humans are designed to have a fullness of Joy.

That what we eat is a personal thing.

Let us allow all mankind the privilege to believe what they believe as we would have them accept what we believe. It is as it“IS”.

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