Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Love -  how can we channel this Powerful Emotion? (part 6)

Love - how can we channel this Powerful Emotion?

We are now on article 6 of this enthralling Emotion we call Love.

The previous 5 episodes are a must read to get the full impact of this particular instalment.

We are going to discuss and reveal the Importance of this Emotion that has such a bearing on where and how we live.

The Importance of ALL Emotions and why we should appreciate the impact Love has on our Physical and Spiritual welfare.

How we can amass the best from our Love in both Thought and Action.

We ask that we all read with an open mind.

Love is not just Romantic Love.

This powerful Emotion takes on many roles in the process of expressing Love.

The desire that Love exudes is prevalent in everything we do.

It is a driving force that is both Sexual and Motivational in our pursuit of being Happy.

It is an amazing Emotion and when channelled in the right direction can be the source of great Joy.

Joy is the ultimate factor in Emotions.

Joy is the NOT an Emotion.

It is the ultimate of all states we can gain in the Physical Realm that we Exist in.

Joy is the result of absolute Synchronicity with the Emotions that we Experience in this life.

Emotions are not bad as some people Believe.

They are not to be avoided as some teachers Believe.

They are in fact essential ingredients in communication between the Physical and the Unseen Worlds.

They are one of the reasons we are on this Earth.

They must not be looked on as being bad.

If we Believe our Emotions are bad they will - be out of Syncronicity with the Unseen World.

That means we will not Experience Joy.

Being out of Syncronicity is not Experiencing Joy.

Joy gives us the feeling of Peace.

Peace is our TRUE STATE.

That is why we always feel that we are not complete.

This is why we are always searching for “who we think we are”.

This is why we seek to be Loved.

All of the above are constantly in our minds and Thoughts.

The reason we never find ourselves is because we Believe we are “who we think we are”.

We connect “who we are” to the way we feel.

We are then ruled by whatever Emotion decides to reveal itself to you.

One day you feel good - so it must be a good day.

The next day we feel bad - so it must be a bad day.

We can start off feeling good and something goes wrong and we then feel bad.

The same when we feel bad and something goes well and we feel good.

This is Russian roulette and a recipe for disaster.

That is the way 99% of Human Beings live their lives.

It is as it is when we connect “who we are” to our Thoughts.

Love being the most Powerful Emotion causes the greatest chaos when we relate “who we are “to them.

They also give the greatest Joy when we don’t connect “who we are”to them.

They are Important but they are “not who we are”.

They are essential for our development but they are “not who we are”.

Love is Love - “not who we are”.

Love is an Emotion - “not who we are”.

Without knowing that we are not our Emotions we will never achieve Joy.

PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed that when we accept “we are not” our Emotions we shall find Joy in Love.

Then Love will be our Servant not our Master.

This is the Truth.

We ask that we Experience the control of our Emotions by Observing our Emotions.

We at Psychegnosis News can help you achieve a new level of Awareness.

We can read all about it in the many articles that are written about this subject.

We ask that we read everyday for 30 days and your World will be Transformed.

This is a promise.

We desire that all the World can achieve the level of Understanding that PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed.

Please accept our invitation to take part in this remarkable Law of the Universe called PSYCHEGNOSIS.


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