Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Sales and Life - what makes us buy?

Sales and Life - what makes us buy? Sales may seem a strange topic to be discussing here on Psychegnosis News but no matter what we do it is connected to selling. The reason for the newspaper is to reveal the amazing benefits that the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS can have on all of the physical world we live in. PSYCHEGNOSIS is the ultimate that can be achieved in everything we do. All inventions that have come from mankind have their source from this Law. All great works such as music or great works of literature would never have made it onto this Earth if PSYCHEGNOSIS had not been present. All great sporting achievements have PSYCHEGNOSIS to thank in some way or another. What we are discussing today is vital if we as Human Being can become the best we are at whatever we do. This applies in making new friends and romantic relationships that will last for the rest of ones life. That is why the question refers to Sales - what makes us buy?

The importance of this statement of who needs sold to refers to the way we conduct our life. We all have work to do in this world. We all take part in different ways that exist to benefit and serve our fellow men. We all have a preference to what we like to do. We all like to be recognised for what we do. Our feelings are our communication between the physical world and the Ego gets satisfaction from being recognised for our contribution to the world around us. We all love praise for what we do. Whether we are a young child learning to walk or in our later years and want to known for our past profession. Everything and every person contribute to life in the physical world. We are all the same. That is what we as Human Beings buy into - all of the above.

We are all sales people. We are all playing a part. We are all trying to impress. We all want to the best at what we do. So guess what? We become what we do. We respond to anyone that has a similar interest. We relate to the vibration that we have lived with during our working life. This vibration can hear. This vibration is open to discussion. This is why advertising agents focus on sections of the community to sell their wares. We are all categorised by what we do, this is why the successful marketers find out what a person does for a living. Once they find this important point everything else becomes easy. So it is with us all in whatever line of work we do.

The greatest teacher who ever lived taught in the same way. He communicated his message by relating to what the people did for a living. If they were fishermen he said - come I will make you fishers of men. If they were shepherds - he told a story of the lost sheep. Farmers - the growing of wheat and tares. He related his important message by way of comparison. There is no better example or guideline for all people to take note of. Without a unity of vibration there can be no result.

Psychegnosis News will help us all understand the importance of vibration. The need for being excepted is prevalent in all of humanity. Let us all be concerned with what each other does in life and forget what we want to talk about. We shall all benefit. Life will be easier. We wont be self centred anymore. Being self centred creates a vibration which relates to whom we are with. This vibration goes beyond what we say verbally. It reveals your sincerity level. It is what builds Trust or loses Trust. It is how we are. So we must all be servants of men. That way everyone wins. Living Life is selling ourselves.

This is a small part of the training programme THE EPICENTRE especially developed for businesses and organisations. Please feel free to contact the editor if you feel it would benefit your business.

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