Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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Testimonies from our 30 Day Adventure - the change is without Effort. (Day 3)

Testimonies from our 30 Day Adventure - the change is without effort.

We comtinue our review of those Adventurers who took part in the 30 day life changing programme.

This amazing 30 days has been introduced to the World for the first time and is going to be part of a practical introduction to understanding the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS.

We are beginning a new 30 day Adventure in a few days time and we ask that those readers who wish to change their lives please apply.

It is limited.

We will leave you with a person whose life has changed beyond recognition.

His name is Raymond Kahily.

Raymond is originally from Persia and lives in London England.

We thank Raymond for his contribution :

It is my ultimate pleasure to announce the change Psychegnosis has brought into my life.

I can see and feel Peace when I realise that my Thinking Mind is not me.

I can see and feel this wonderful World that surrounds me like never before.

Psychegnosis has brought for me a peace beyond my wildest dreams.

Apart from the sense of peace I also feel like I’m truly a unique human being for the first time in my life after following the 30 day course (almost) faithfully.

I actually feel enlightened and at peace almost to a point that I feel protected as if I am being watched by a guardian angel whom is constantly telling me that every thing is ok.

I feel I have returned home to where I came from.

This wonderful tool of the 30 day adventure I believe has been introduced to this planet from the unseen World has and I repeat has changed my life without a shadow of a doubt.

As long as I continue as a Human Being to accept everything as it is peace is my companion.

A few simple enjoyable tasks that Pyschegnosis had to offer in this incredible 30 day adventure has changed my life to the point that I have not smoked since the start of the 30 days.

This is only one of the many miracles that happened during the adventure.

This was after smoking for more than 25 years and trying everything given to my thinking mind.

My thinking mind could not do it.

It always failed abysmally.

I could go on but it would take a book to explain what peace i feel and it is all down to Psychegnosis and the 30 day adventure.

It has been beyond doubt the most incredible 30 days of my life.

Thank you so much.

Ray Lily

To change our lives requires no help from our Thinking Mind.

This may seem a strange thing to say but it is True.

Mankind has tried this in the World for centuries, without much success.

The day has come to abandon our dependence on the Thinikng Mind being “who we are”.

The Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS explains how this is possible.

We desire ALL people in every land of the sea to have Peace.

This is only possible by the realisation that our Thinking Mind is not“who we are”.

We shall leave it there. It is as it “IS”.

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