Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The Emotions of Life Investigated - The Power of Belief .(Day 14)


The Emotions of Life Investigated - The Power of Belief .

We are going to discuss in detail the Mission Statement of Psychegnosis News over the next 10 days or so.

The importance of which will give us a better understanding of what PSYCHEGNOSIS has to offer Mankind in its quest to find out the Mysteries of Life.

Below is the Mission Statement which was sent out on January 1st 2009.

It was written as all that is published in this daily on-line newspaper with a desire to have Peace for everyone both individually and for Mankind in general.

We believe that PSYCHEGNOSIS is a Natural Law of the Universe and does not carry any bias towards any section of Humanity.

So today we ask that we All read what is the Mission Statement and tomorrow we shall start to research each one and thoroughly look at the evidence of the claims made.

The IMPORTANCE of THE MISSION STATEMENT is apparent BECAUSE either it is a law of the Universe or it is not.

We ask that we ALL look with an open mind and an open heart.

We promise ALL readers an interesting set of articles that will give mankind great hope for this wonderful Planet we dwell upon.

Let us commence by reading the Mission Statement:

1. PSYCHEGNOSIS is made up of two words which together make up all that it is.

They are PSYCHE and GNOSIS.

Psyche which as we will discover from further reading is that which is beyond “who we believe we are”.

Gnosis is a Greek word meaning knowledge.

So simply put PSYCHEGNOSIS means knowledge of Whom “we are not”.

Thus PSYCHEGNOSIS is a completely new word which in and of itself will be known for what it is.

2. PSYCHEGNOSIS does not affiliate itself with any Belief system be it Religious or otherwise.

PSYCHEGNOSIS teaches that without PSYCHEGNOSIS being involved or practised within anything that exists - it cannot result in the ultimate result.

Anything that acts outwith is the opposite of PSYCHEGNOSIS - thus Thinking we are someone!

3. It shall declare to the World the Evidence that we as Humans can and shall accomplish many great things through the knowledge of PSYCHEGNOSIS.

That our assumption and dependence on Thinking has led us to nothing but unhappiness.

The finding out of “who we are not“ shall open a new era for Mankind.

4. PSYCHEGNOSIS is non definable in the sense that it makes up the life or the Reality of all things.

That nothing can Exist or is Real if it has not the essence of PSYCHEGNOSIS within its core.

5. It cannot be claimed by any man or woman exclusively but can be accessed by any Human Being at anytime.

Indeed it can be taught but each person has the right and privilege to its power.

6. PSYCHEGNOSIS we Believe is the missing link in all Theories or Thoughts of the original ideas given by Wise men in days past.

It’s what the people who carried the message could not see therefore it became lost.

7. Its impact is fully initiated when it does not involve “Past or Future” but is solely based on the matter on hand at that moment.

Thus what may be called Revelation or pure Inspiration.

8. PSYCHEGNOSIS will be taken to the World and taught so that Mankind can access and find out who they truly are rather than “who they are not”!
9. PSYCHEGNOSIS is not a Motivational Programme.

It cannot be understood by the so called Wisdom of the World but will become the way for those who are Meek and Humble.

The so called learned people will never understand the message because it is not possible for them.

It is not their fault.

10. Finally PSYCHEGNOSIS shall not take away or demean anything a person already Believes but shall only enhance and add to what they have.

We Believe that Peace shall be on the earth as PSYCHEGNOSIS is brought forth.


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