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“The TIME has Come”;The Ego is our mind and body. (Part 205)


“The TIME has Come”;The Ego is our mind and body. (Part 205)

Our (MANKIND’S) EGO is blamed for the ILLS of the WORLD.

The EGO has been MISTAKEN for being “who we are” since the beginning of time.

PSYCHOLOGY and PSYCHIATRY blame the EGO for every condition that they TREAT.

SELF help books blame the EGO for our BEHAVIOUR.

POSITIVE THINKING puts the blame for everything upon the EGO.

Our EGO is not to blame in any way, shape or form.

Our EGO is not to blame because it is only the end RESULT of our VIBRATIONAL OUTPUT.


It is “who we are” only in the SENSE that it allows us to PARTICIPATE and COMMUNICATE here in the PHYSICAL WORLD.

By blaming the EGO for our problems only STIFLES our EGO and gives us unnecessary GUILT and PAIN.

Let us look at a previous publication which EXPLAINS the IMPORTANCE of our EGO and why we must not blame it for our PROBLEMS.

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“What is the reason for PSYCHEGNOSIS and what Scientific backing does it have”?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Question that’s has arisen many times especially by those readers who first start reading the articles within this newspaper the Psychegnosis News is answered within an article written on April 12th 2009 which we have re-published below.

The claims made by this newspaper are indeed something that needs to be addressed for ALL people to come to the knowledge of the importance of what we have proclaimed to be a Law of the Universe the same as Gravity.

A lot of unanswered Questions or certainly Questions that have confused Mankind since the beginning of time are addressed within the article we are reviewing today.

We ask that we study this publication with an open heart and mind for in it there is important Truths that shall Free us ALL from who we think we are. Enjoy :

“The “illusion”, Ego and Peace - the connection (part 1)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Category - Traditions

The “illusion”, Ego and Peace - the connection.

Understanding PSYCHEGNOSIS is realising the connection of these three important realities.

Perhaps our regular readers will say “what do you mean our “illusion” - we thought that that was not real”?

What we have reported on is connecting who we are to our “illusion’s” that caused us the problem - not that the “illusion” was not a reality.

Let us begin by explaining the role of the reality called the “illusion”.

This article will explain the great plan of absolute synchronicity that exists in our incredible Universe.

The “illusion” is the catalyst between the Ego and the world we dwell in.

The physical worlds connection to our Ego is through vibration.

Vibration is the “illusion”.

We could not respond in the physical world to the many experiences we as humans have without vibration.

We would not be alive.

We would be clinically dead.

The “illusion” is an entity in its own right. So when we see the “illusion” with the knowledge that it is an integral part of our physical existence - we can be grateful for - instead of fearing our emotions.

The greatest of all is the knowledge that we are experiencing Life and with this great truth - we shall have Life more abundantly.

The “illusion” when it is not connected to who we think we are then becomes our greatest friend.

When we connect who we are to our emotions they become our destroyer of Life.

Our Life is then a living hell.

So let us all rejoice in this amazing information.

Next we can discuss the Ego and what part it plays in the world we all participate in.

The Ego is a perfect part of “who we are”in the physical world.

It came into this world perfect and with a specific role.

It has a character or an individual identity.

It is “who we are” when we look in the mirror.

Our physical body is made up of D.N.A. from our ancestors and becomes alive through the connection to vibration.

The Ego has been mistakenly blamed for the problems that exist in that world.

It certainly makes the decision of what vibration it takes on itself and decides where to put its focus and thoughts.

The Ego is our mind and body.

It has Free choice.

It has certain inbuilt talents or idiosyncrasies that are passed to it through vibration but ultimately it has a choice.

The connection between the “illusion” is an absolute necessity in the physical world - so once again understanding this important Truth shall lead us to the reason we are all here.

The search for peace.

What exactly is peace?

Peace would be impossible unless we understand the vital ingredients of “illusion” and Ego.

The Ego learns from the “illusion” which is vibration.

Vibration is not peace,

The reason that all the great prophets and wise people that have lived on the earth called it PEACE was exactly as it says it is - PEACE.

Peace is non-vibrational.

It is stillness.

It is freedom from vibration.

Peace accepts all things as they are.

It has no happiness or love or hate emotions.

It is the ultimate state we can attain.

Love or hate is an emotion.

They are the same.

When we understand that they are emotions that turn into experiences felt through the Ego, we shall attain peace.

It is exciting to have the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS to explain the importance of “who we are not”.

Let us all look forward to the emotions that are our “illusions” and live in peace.

Peace is absolute Synchronicity”

There are many false beliefs connected to our Ego and what its role is here in the Physical World that was addressed within this article.

The answer is that our Ego is “who we are” and must be honoured for what it IS.

It is not a bad part of who we are as some mankind would have us believe because by believing our Ego to be bad denies us of Peace we so badly need.

So be happy to have an Ego but at the same time realise that our Ego is always changing from day to day.

The Ego started its Physical life as a child and progressed to the point it is at now.

It is constantly growing in knowledge and Experiences that are Vibrations from those Experiences.

The “illusion” is not a reality but simply mistaken identity.

This identification has been and is the cause of ALL Mankind’s problems and is the message that this newspaper has been trying to explain since it first published over 12 months ago.

The role of the “illusion” is also a very necessary part of who we are in that without Emotion’s we cannot appreciate the wonders of the Physical Domain.

So as the Ego is “who we are” so is our “illusion” “who we are”.

Each of these make up“who we are” here in the Physical World.

The real us is not Physical but is not to be viewed in any way by our Physical senses such as touch or smell.

We are from the unseen World.

We are the same source as the Peace we ALL so desperately require.

We are Peace.

That is “who we truly are” and that is why when we do not have Peace and we are at not at Peace with ALL that IS.

Our connection to being our Ego and “illusion” being our TRUE SELF is the problem.

The Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS reveals in complete clarity and is unequivocal in saying that by realising that we are from the unseen World.

That by seeing ourselves as a part of ALL that IS our Ego and “illusion” can play the roles they were designed to do.

We declare once more that when ALL Mankind comes to understand the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS we can have the Peace we need to survive. It is as it IS.END OF JANUARY 2010 PUBLICATION.


Our “illusion” is IMPORTANT.

Both are IMPORTANT but they are NOT “who we TRULY ARE”. It is as it “IS”.

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