Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The Trial of PSYCHEGNOSIS - Q & A’s: Miracles, a Science not yet Discovered or Explained. (DAY12)

“The Trial of PSYCHEGNOSIS - Q & A’s: Miracles, a Science not yet Discovered or Explained”.

The trial of PSYCHEGNOSIS is now in its 12th day and the evidence is overwhelming in the affirmative that PSYCHEGNOSIS is a Law of the Universe.

There is still 18 days left so that ALL those who doubt our claims will be left with a lot to THINK about.

As for those who have opened up their minds and put PSYCHEGNOSIS to the test they will not be THINKING about it, but will simply live what it teaches, and have the Peace that it promises in every department in their lives.

The days of their pain have come to an end.

As we discuss each Question & Answer given in the newspaper Psychegnosis News we shall be focusing on the ridiculous accusations made that PSYCHEGNOSIS is a Brainwashing technique.

We ask that ALL readers print off this part of the evidence and file it with the other days proceedings.

We shall require ALL the evidence so that those who doubt the validity of our claims are left with no place to stand.

Those who feel that the claims are not valid and that we are somehow not revealing ALL the evidence can send in their evidence to the the email at the end of this article.

So far there has not been a single answer to the contrary to what has been reported in this Trial.

We are open to ALL opinions for or against.

The 5th question relates to Miracles so let us look at what was asked and answered over 4 months ago in this online newspaper :


As we discuss this in our reporting it will become evident.

To allow our thinking which is based on an “illusion” of who we think we are is the mistake made by the “illusion” we presume is us.

How can something that is not real make us better from our ailments when that same “illusion” created the issue?

The reality is that as we become accepting with all that IS, we shall access all that is required to bring about that which is beyond the “illusion”.

Again, this is a simplified explanation.

As we explore the fundamentals of PSYCHEGNOSIS in our coming issues, this exciting principle will become evident.”

Quite a claim to make for a newspaper to make even in these times of over exaggeration on every subject under the Sun.

We are confident that we have evidence that points to how understanding PSYCHEGNOSIS is the key to be Free from previously thought incurable and life debilitating disorders.

The key to be free and have Miracles happen are explained by modern day findings in research that Mankind has made into how our Physical bodies are affected by how we think.

There is a chemical reaction that affects every part of our Physical bodies including our nervous systems every time we have a thought.

Our thoughts start of as a vibration and then becomes an Emotion that reverberates from the unseen World directly into the Physical or the seen World that makes up our Human Body.

The constant barrage given by our Thinking Mind sending powerful vibrations are the cause of illness and disease.

This is a proven scientific fact.

This is not just an assumption.

Science is coming to terms that the unseen World has a major part to play in how our minds and bodies react.

We shall adjourn for today and will continue this part of our evidence until tomorrow as there is much to much information for one article.

We ask that everyone deliberates on what has been said.

We invite ALL mankind to take part in our findings and PEACE will be the result. It is as it IS.

The Trial continues. We shall discuss further whether PSYCHEGNOSIS is BRAINWASHING or not. There is still loads of EVIDENCE which will be revealed. We advise ALL to print and keep this information. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  ALL Questions and comments are replied to.

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