Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The Trial of PSYCHEGNOSIS - the way to INSTANT PEACE is Simple. ( Day 20 )

The Trial of PSYCHEGNOSIS - the way to INSTANT PEACE is Simple.

The World teaches that we are our emotions therefore to find Peace we must look for it in our Experience’s.

The World also tells us that we must be Positive and not be Negative.

On the face of things that may seem logical but it is in fact very dangerous.

We will explain why this is the case by presenting the evidence from today’s Trial.

Our Evidence is taken from an article written on the 17th March in the Psychegnosis News.

This has been our focus over the last few days and we are discussing the Statements made therein.

Today we shall be reviewing in detail our 3rd Statement as it was written at that time.

We ask as always that we ALL print off this page and put it with the other 19 days evidence.

ALL readers are the Judge and the Jury.

We start with Statement 3 of our article on the 17th of March and ask that we ALL read the evidence with an open mind:

“3) It is a vital part of all that we do - is another claim it makes.

This is easily proven, as it is imperative that LIFE is lived.

LIFE is here and now - not what has passed or what is to come.

It is right NOW.

PSYCHEGNOSIS tells us that thinking is based on a past mode or a future situation.

To eliminate THINKING (The BELIEF that we are our THINKING) as we live life, gives us the FULL FORCE OF LIFE.

This life-force is what makes whatever we are doing at that moment have incredible momentum.

It takes us beyond thought (past or future events) into LIFE itself.

Again the fruits of this claim are for you to see.

Try it.”

The headline today explains that PSYCHEGNOSIS believes it is simple to have Peace.

This is contrary to what is being taught in Colleges and Universities as well as by the so called Learned minds.

The reason we say it is simple is because we say that to try and fix our Emotions with another Emotion can never lead to Peace because they are not where the problem lies.

This solution does not have any validity whatsoever.

PSYCHEGNOSIS explains it is in fact the opposite - its our reliance on our Emotions that is the ONLY PROBLEM we have.

We ask that we ALL ask ourselves this Question before we commence any further with the evidence being presented.

This is the Question:

Why do I as an individual try to solve my problems by looking within my problems, when my problems are only experiences that have no answers?

This is not a trick Question.

Please read it again and we will see what it actually asks.

We shall explain the above Question.

Our so called problems have either happened or they have not happened.

If they are happening at this precise moment we take action.

When they are connected to events that are in the Past we can do nothing about them because they have happened.

Of course we can give back something or try and make up for an event but once we have done what is possible - we cannot change it because it is insane to think otherwise.

It is the same with Future events.

The only time we can do anything is in the Present time.

We cannot use an Emotion to overcome an Emotion it is insanity.

We are constantly reminded by the World around us that we are to be Positive and not Negative.

This in and of itself seems on the face of it to make sense - but it is not the Solution.

It only gives us temporary relief.

When we realise that “we are not” the Emotion, we have what is called Peace enter our very Being.

Peace is not an Emotion.

The Thinking Mind cannot understand this because it can only connect with Past events or Future events.

Peace is having 100% of life and life is NOW.

When we are totally connected with ALL that IS, we are at Peace.

When we look for Peace in our Emotions (which are only events that are in the Past or Future) we cannot have Peace.

Peace is being Free from our Emotions.

Emotions are important - VERY IMPORTANT.

Do not try and avoid Emotions because by doing so we are causing confusion in our nervous systems which are the cause of ALL illness and mental health problems.

Our Emotions need no help to be better when we realise them for what they are.

The World tries to tell us we need to change or try and fix our Emotions.

They do not require fixing.

“To eliminate THINKING as we live life, gives us the FULL FORCE OF LIFE.

This life-force is what makes whatever we are doing at that moment have incredible momentum”

This is part of our Statement and it explains exactly what gives us the Peace we have been talking about.

It is not necessary to TRY and be better because the Life force does it ALL for us.

This Creative moment gives us Emotions which are Experiences and that is good.

Emotions become part of “who we are” but only in the sense that they are Experiences while we are in the Physical World.

They are a source of information and make up our existence but they are not“who we are”.

We are from the unseen World and the unseen World is only opened up in the PRESENT MOMENT.

That is what we are saying.

This moment is the only Creative time.

In this moment there is Peace.

In the Past there is no Peace.

In the Future there is no Peace.

There is only Pain or regret or FALSE hope. It is as it “IS”.

The Trial continues tomorrow with looking closely at the more material evidence from our 17th of March article/Statement. There are still loads of EVIDENCE to be revealed. We advise ALL to print and keep this information to use in the summing up.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Questions and comments are replied to.  we apoligise about our article on Procrastination but we had more important things to TALK ABOUT and will do it after we have done everything we THINK is important?

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