Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The Worlds Greatest Lies Unveiled -  that Mankind can find Themselves by Logical Thinking (part 5)


The Worlds Greatest Lies Unveiled - that Mankind can find Themselves by Logical Thinking.

We are at article 5 in the Series and ask that we spent some Time Reviewing the other 4 in the Series.

The Logical Mind is a Blessing and it is a Curse on Mankind.

The Reason for this is that because Man has Harnessed Nature and Created many Incredible Inventions they Believe they can Solve ALL things with the Thinking mind.

This is the Curse of having Knowledge.

It takes away our Right to Choose our Lives and gives it over to the Logical Thinking Mind.

It is indeed one of Mankind’s Greatest Lies.

Our Mind Controls the Physical World we Live in.

The Mind was Designed to be a Communication between the Seen and the Un-Seen Worlds that make up our Earthly Existence.

This same Mind when used for what it was meant to be used for is Incredible at what it was DESIGNED for.

The many ways that the Mind has come up with to Produce a better way to live in the Physical Domain is also Incredible.

We should Honour our Thinking Mind and Appreciate what there Role is but we must not Mistake our Minds for being “who we are”.

The Lie that “we are” our Minds is the Mistake we are talking about!

Mankind is Teaching in its text books and places of Learning as well as in Religious Institutions that we are“who we think we are”.

This is the Curse we would like to Reveal to the World.

Even those of us who are regular Readers are Entrenched in this View about this Lie of Lies.

We can see in others that they are caught up in “who they think they are”.

At the same TIME we Believe that we are not.

This is how powerfully ingrained this Lie is.

We are ALL caught up in this Lie.

It may shock some of our readers but we are ALL caught up in the Lie because if we were not - “we would not defend our Thinking Mind”.

This is a test for us ALL to try.

Let us ALL today and every day Evaluate how many times we defend our Thinking Mind.

It shall Amaze us how caught up we are in our “STORY”.

It will SHOCK us how we Feel - that others must Change for our Lives to be better.

When we are Evaluating our Reactions we shall see that our Thinking Mind and our “STORY” have been put as Priority over our Fellow Human Beings.

Try it and see.

Psychegnosis News is NOT beingread every day by Readers even when we as Individuals have said that it makes us Realise we are NOT our “STORY” and
“who we are not”.

We Immediately get caught up in our “STORY” and lose out on the huge Benefit the Article would have provided that very day.

It is Amazing.

The Reason for that is our Thinking Mind Believes that we do not need to read its Message.

This is a TEST that will show us how we are Ruled by our Thinking Mind.

Our Thinking Mind does not like the Truth.

That is why the World does not like what PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed.

Let us ALL Realise that we can be Free from this Lie, that is a Curse on ALL Humanity.

Let us ALL put to the Test what we have read today and Truly Experience Life entering every fibre of our Being.

This is the Promise that will be Instantly given that we shall have Peace beyond our Thinking Mind.

Those who have ears let them hear.

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