Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The World’s greatest Lies Unveiled - that the end, Justifies the Means. (Part 8)

“The World’s greatest Lies Unveiled - that the end, Justifies the Means”.

The justification of our behaviour by our Thinking Mind is our study today, and the Lies that prevail within the World we live in.

This article, has a connection to the 7 earlier publications that are available.

The World we live in gives our Thinking Mind reason after reason for any and every atrocitity it causes.

None more so, than the end Justifies the means.

Wars, and even the obliteration of whole Countries, are committed against our fellow man in the name of PEACE.

The end result is, that the Thinking Mind is in control, and causes greater confusion within our nervous system, as well as spreading fear across all of mankind.

This causes retaliation and never ending circle of wars between people, that makes World and personal Peace impossible.

The “illusion” and our connection to “who we think we are” has no conscience, because it has no Reality.

The “illusion” only understands that its never ending need to be important is all that matters.

The “illusion” will do all it can to have Power.

Power, at any cost.

It has only a limited amount of information, simply because it is an emotion, that has been given a responsibility beyond what it was designed to do.

The emotion itself is not the problem, as it only following orders from what it believes is central command.

Central command, is not our Thinking Mind, that is where the lie begins and ends.

The lie is, that we are taught, that “we are” our Thinking Mind, and that we must rely on our Thinking Mind to guide us, in our life.

The lie allows the Thinking Mind to become our master, and becomes the ruling factor in our nervous system.

The Thinking Mind has no concern for anyone or anything as long as it grows.

To grow and multiply is the nature of ALL things in the Physical World.

The Nature of the Physical World, has in its very essence, the power to multiply and replenish.

That is why we must not blame our emotions.

Our emotions are not the problem.

When we allow the emotion to be our Choirmaster, we will dance to its tune.

Whatever emotion we allow to be our Choirmaster will simply flourish and becomes stronger, by the increased attention it is given.

Our emotions are only doing what we have allowed them to do.

That is why when we connect “who we are” to our emotions, we step on other Human Beings and believe that we can use, and abuse, our way to the top.

It is easy to change this.

The emotion simply has to be given the role it was designed to be.

That is, to communicate between the Seen and the Un-Seen World.

When this is put into practise, there is an instant return to what we were designed to be - at PEACE.

We will see instantly that our emotions are not “who we thought we were”.

Our life is back to where it does not require medication or quick fixes to be happy.

Psychiatric evaluations, are not required anymore.

Our lives are then back onto the original path it was designed for.

Mans inhumanity to man will become a thing of the past, if we ALL realised that we are not “who we think we are”.

Peace, is the instant result!

Peace, from our Thinking Mind causes an immediate calmness, that allows life to flow within our very cells, and a change begins instantly.

Life then goes to work repairing the damage that our connection to our Thinking Mind has caused, while we believed it was, “who we were”.

No need to feed our emotions with this lie anymore, because we have realised that they are only emotions.

It is never to late to change, and have Peace within our lives.

There is no need to make any effort, to be at Peace.

The process does not require effort.

Effort, is from our Thinking Mind.

The only thing we need to understand is, that we are not our“Thinking Mind”.

Effort, is not required to have Peace.

The Lie that the World has taught us is unveiled for what it “IS”.

We ask that we all do not delay our life any longer. It is as it “IS”.

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