Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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The World’s greatest Lies Unveiled - the Lies that effect our Health (Part 4)

The World’s greatest Lies Unveiled - the Lies that effect our Health. (Part 4)

In our previous 3 articles in the series we have focused on the Lies that we have been brainwashed into believing are Truths.

These articles should be reread to prepare ourselves for what will be an amazing unmasking of how these same Lies effect our mental and Physical Health.

We at Psychegnosis News are asking that we all take this article and realise how much our Thinking minds really have an amazing effect on our overall Health.

Please read with an open mind.

To be Healthy in mind and body should be a concern for ALL Human Beings who inhabit this beautiful planet.

We are Physical entities that communicate with the rest of creation through our bodily faculties.

These faculties are designed to function in perfect harmony with the rest of the Physical World that exists around us.

The importance of how our thoughts effect us in relation to our existence cannot be ignored.

We need to be aware that every thought we have is communicated directly to our nervous systems.

This communication has an instant reaction within the cells that make up our Anatomy.

The information we give our nervous system has a direct bearing on our Mental and Physical functions.

The information we deliver to our nervous system is in our control 100% and has an immediate response.

This response is what our Physical bodies have been designed to do.

Our whole Anatomy is at our command and our Thinking minds control what reaction our nervous systems communicate to our cells.

Healthy cells means a Healthy body.

It is as simple as that.

The process that Nature has given us in the Physical World is one of being the creator.

This is an exact science that involves how our beliefs are.

Our ancestors are the cause of our genes and through our D.N.A. passed onto us what they had processed in their lifetime.

The results they produced were a direct indication of the way they thought.

The thoughts they produced changed the way their life was, so therefore the footprint or the D.N.A. of our Physical bodies were passed on to make up our Physical make up.

The Thinking Mind is incredible.

The Minds of our Forefathers did not realise what power they had within them, therefore they cannot be held responsible.

They were taught the Lie - that they were their Thinking minds.

It has continued that way till the present day.

The process can be reversed.

The knowledge that we are not “who we think we are” is the beginning of a new age for mankind.

We can then take control of the process we call Life once again.

We are Truly the creators of our Physical bodies.

Let us ALL realise that we can be Choirmasters and we can have Life enter our very cells and create miracles beyond the THINKING MIND. It is as it “IS”.

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