Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? : Health and PSYCHEGNOSIS are one and the same.( Day 1 )

What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? : Health and PSYCHEGNOSIS are one and the same.

Today and over the next week or so we shall be looking at an issue that effects ALL Mankind - Health.

We are living in a Physical World and we are subject to the frailties and the constant changes that are part and parcel of life.

We depend on our bodies to exist here on the Physical plain and without good Health life can become more difficult.

We shall discuss what part PSYCHEGNOSIS can play in maximising our chances of having better Health.

Life itself is to short and there is not much time between being young and becoming old.

All we have to do is look in our memories to see that it seems only yesterday that we were with our parents and attending school.

When we see that our childhood and teenage years have disappeared into what seems to be but a fleeting moment - we are shocked.

Life itself seems to speed up the older we become.

The longer we delay looking at the effects out Thinking Minds have over our Health - time itself will catch up on us and it will be to late.

Scientific research tell us that we have a Physical reaction every time we have an Emotion pass through our systems.

This is easily proven by just having a thought about something that we dislike or something that we like.

Our nervous systems immediately have some form of reaction that spreads throughout our whole bodies.

These are our communicative signals telling us that what we are experiencing at that particular moment.

They are incredible and very powerful.

We are ALL affected by our Emotions and this is the way it should be.

When we have a thought we experience a chemical reaction that has an effect on our overall Health.

This affect can be either dretirimental to our Health or it can be beneficial to our Health.

We are the masters of the cause and effect that exists in the Physical World none more so than within our bodies.

These are proven beyond any doubt by simply bringing forth any thought - try it and watch what happens.

When we believe that our thoughts are “who we are” and therefore the Emotions that give us the chemical reaction within our nervous systems we are in trouble, very serious trouble.

This is why PSYCHEGNOSIS can Free everyone instantly from the serious damage that results by a thought that is out of control.

Our thoughts are only doing what they are allowed to do.

When we give them our permission to be “who we are “they take over the running of our whole bodies

We at Psychegnosis News will be able to help in understanding that we are killing ourselves each and every minute we give over our the running of our Health to our Thinking Minds.

This is important information because by realising what PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed we can allow our systems the FREEDOM to be as they were meant to be.

Our systems would then just fall into line - without any effort.

Having no effort is how it should be.

Effort is always Mind based and is necessary for accomplishing a Physical task but it is not necessary for achieving Physical and Mental balance.

Our amazing anatomy with its incredible communicative systems can operate without any effort.

The results are incredible when we realise that “we are not” our Emotions.

Effort must replaced by Observance.

Observance replaces the maniacal results that happen by believing “we are” our Emotions. It is as it “IS”.

Tomorrow we shall discuss in detail Observance and the Miracle that results from practising this incredible action. We ask that we ALL log in tomorrow - for our healths sake. All Questions please to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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