Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? ; How can the Thinking Mind fix The Thinking Mind?(DAY 5)

What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? ; How can the Thinking Mind fix The Thinking Mind?

We as a species will never ever have Peace until we stop relying on our Thinking Mind as being “who we are”.

When we at Psychegnosis News first published our articles only a few people understood that we were not who we thought we were.

The message of the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS has now reached many people in many Countries throughout the World.

The importance of understanding “who we are not” gives Mankind the hope that it is possible to achieve the Peace, that ALL People desire on every land, on our beautiful Planet, we call Earth.

As more and more people become Free from the insane belief that, “we are” our Emotions the message will continue spread into all corners of the World.

The information explained in our daily publications, when read with sincerity, give instant Peace to ALL who read the articles.

The content of the messages carry with them a special feeling, that can only be explained as being a feeling of Peace.

We desire ALL Mankind to read our articles for 30 consecutive days, and the promise is, that this feeling of Peace shall enter their very Being.

We invite ALL Mankind to take part.

Today we are following our theme on “What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from?”

We have discussed over the last few days the relevance of Observation, and how our thoughts are the cause of ALL illnesses.

We further discussed in yesterdays article, the issue of “Analysis Paralysis is an Addictive Behaviour.”

This theme is what we will continue with, so that we can explain the difference between what Mankind believes an teaches, and what PSYCHEGNOSIS has to offer.

You the readers can Judge which is most likely to achieve Peace, on an individual level as well as for and for all of Mankind.

The relevance of what they ( PSYCHEGNOSIS v MANKIND’S BELIEFS) relate to are opposite points of view, which makes the end result, completely different.

Mankind teaches that we are our feelings and experiences, in that what we think is what we depend on, for the answers to ALL issues.

This includes finding Peace within our Minds and our Physical Body.

PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed that our individuality is cetainly ascertained by our feelings and experiences, but declares that the answers are NOT to be found, within the Thinking Mind.

When we see the result of relying on our thoughts and Emotions to fix our thoughts and Emotions, we can see the outcome clearly.

The example we would like to relate with is in Mankinds approach to Stress and Depression.

This example is an important one, because it is handled in the same way by ALL Medical authorities Worldwide.

When we are feeling the effects of our thoughts and are at a loss on how to deal with them, we go and see our Doctor or Medical advisor.

We are told that we require to think better thoughts, and to avoid the Emotional trauma.

This approach makes sense to the Thinking Minded of this world, but gives only temporary relief at best, because of the very nature of believing that there is something wrong with feeling any Emotions.

The Medical authorities understandably use this approach, because it believes “we are” our thoughts.

This results in trying to find the solution by using the problem to fix the problem.

This approach is insane.

We at Psychegnosis News say that this approach can never work in the long term, because we are using one Emotion to overcome another Emotion.

This is telling us that there is something wrong with our Emotions, so therefore we are flawed or there is something wrong with us.

PSYCHEGNOSIS reveals that because it is normal to have any Emotion, we should just allow the Emotion to go within our Physical body and mind without developing into believing it is - “who we are”.

This is the key.

The Emotion that becomes a “STORY” in our mind, is the problem.

The Emotion has developed into a “STORY” by our focus and believes - we are the “STORY” .

This “STORY” then takes over the steering wheel and drives us to wherever it wishes.

The result of this insane behaviour is evident everywhere we look.

The driver in this case is just as insane as the driver it has replaced.

Our Emotions are simply our communication between our real selves and the Physical World, and must be respected as a passenger and not as the driver.

This immediately allows it to fall into line with the rest of our communication system.

Our Emotions are just the same as our heart or kidneys and other bodily functions.

They will operate perfectly well without any effort from us, when they are allowed to be what they are designed to do.

We repeat, our Emotions are no different from our heart or kidneys and other body parts.

This approach then allows our Emotions, not to be given the wrong role to play.

They are important players but only in the sense, that they are the same as our other bodily functions - being a passenger and not the driver.

When we see it that way, there is no need for any kind of Analysis, other than Observance.

We shall leave it at this point and we ask that we All put this to the test today, and watch what happens when we Observe our Emotions.

The driver will take its rightful place and become a passenger .

All shall instantly be as it “IS”.

More tomorrow on this fascinating subject.We invite ALL opinions be they for or against to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).






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