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What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? Tradition and Pride - the Good the Bad and the Ugly ? (Day 48)

What can PSYCHEGNOSIS Free me from? Tradition and Pride - the Good the Bad and the Ugly?

When we talk about the Country of our birth - we do so with pride.

When we talk about our family - we do so with pride.

When we talk about our Religion - we do so with pride.

When we talk about our beauty or our so called strength or intellect - we do so with pride.

Why do we do so?

The topic we are discussing over the next few days will make more sense if we read the print out from Day 46&47.

We ask that we ALL print this article also for in these publications we shall realise the insanity of the “illusion” of our pride in Traditions.

The first Statement from our article published on Sunday, February 15, 2009 titled - “Traditions - Good or Bad?” is printed below :

“We as Humans love our Traditions, and our “illusion” loves to express itself through that very strong emotional connection.

The reason the “illusion” wants to take a particular foothold is because, it can be taught and passed on to others from Generation to Generation.

You may ask why?

Well, if you look at all Nations or Religions and even communities throughout the World there are deeply held Beliefs and Traditions.”

Our Headline is the Good the Bad and the Ugly and our opening few lines talk about Pride.

The relevance the word Pride has is very important.

It has indeed three sides to it.

Here is the meaning of Pride taken from the Dictionary : pride, unreasonable and inordinate self-esteem : a pride in ones self worth : an attitude of being better or special over other people.

The three analogies are if you like the Good the Bad and the Ugly.

We would like to have this trio of explanations of Pride taken in the correct context as we refer them to Traditions.

1) The first thing is what Good comes from being Proud?

The Pride of being part of the grand scheme of things is the Good we talk of here.

This is especially important when we realise that our worth has not got anything to do whatsoever with what we do.

After all we did not chose our birth place nor our skin colour or our looks etc.

The Good is Pride in being a part of the whole Human Race being part of ALL that IS.

2) Secondly Bad has so many sides to being Proud it would take many volumes to explain the mayhem it has and is causing in the World we live in.

Pride is the cause of division in families and Nations as well within our own individual nervous systems.

The facts are that having Pride indicates we have done something to make us better than our fellow Human Beings.

The facts are that we were born where we were born.

The facts are our skin colour our looks and our intellect have nothing to do with anything that we have done.

This is very important to realise.

3) The Ugly part of Pride is that it is almost impossible for those with this affliction to see within themselves that they are Proud.

They are so caught up with their own Self-importance that to talk to them in a reasonable manner is not possible.

They are not open minded.

They are simply carried away with who they think they are. it is not their fault - they are insane.

It is the main reason there is no Peace in the World.

Our Pride is our “illusion” of who we think we are. Our Pride in who we think we are is the cause of pain in our lives. Our Pride in believing we are better than other Human Beings is INSANITY of the highest degree.

We would ask that ALL readers at this point stop and ask these Question to themselves :

Who the hell do I think I am in believing that I am better than any other Human Being?

What the hell makes me look down on my fellow Human Beings because of their birthplace or the colour of their skins?

What in the name of sanity makes me believe that my Religion or Tradition or family situation is superior to an-other?

We make no apoligies for the word HELL because its meaning will bring about the realisation of the INSANITY of Pride.

It will help us to be aware of the INSANITY of who we think we are as well as the INSANITY of what we were taught to believe about these Questions.

Be FREE now by asking these Questions.

Have instant relief from our INSANITY by asking these Questions. It is as it IS.

Our article tomorrow will be about the next Statement in our February publication. All comments please to   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  Life is GOOD.



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