Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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“WHY DO WE”? (DAY 10); Why do we wish harm on ourselves and others we profess to LOVE??

“WHY DO WE”? (DAY 10); Why do we wish harm on ourselves and others we profess to LOVE”?

When are we as HUMAN BEINGS going to understand that we are not “who we think we are”?

How much longer are we going to prevent PEACE from taking root within our individual as well as on a GLOBAL level?

When are we going to learn from the mistakes of the PAST rather than constantly recreating these same INSANE scenarios?

Why do we continue to destroy our children’s fertile minds with the same NON-SENSE that spreads nothing but FEAR and TREPIDATION within their nervous systems?

When will we stop wishing harm on ourselves as well as on those we profess to LOVE?

The last of the above QUESTIONS relates to our topic today and when looked at in the PURE LIGHT of REALITY is the INSANEST behaviour we as HUMAN BEINGS have developed.

Why is it we react in a way that wishes harm on ourselves and those we supposedly LOVE the most?

The only REASON we act in this manner is because we cannot help it.

Like ALL INSANE BEHAVIOURS we are at a complete loss to do anything about it because we BELIEVE “we are” our EMOTIONS.

As in ALL INSANE BEHAVIOURS we are led by thoughts that we BELIEVE are “who we are”.

Every INSANE BEHAVIOUR is only a thought that has gone out of control.

When we REALISE that our FELLOW MAN is exactly the same as we are we can then begin to SEE that that not only are we INSANE but those around us have no control over their BEHAVIOUR therefore they are INSANE also.

To react to INSANITY is the INSANEST act of ALL.

Every person who BELIEVES their “STORY” to be “who they are” is in fact INSANE.

Every Human Being who reacts to their EMOTIONAL VIBRATIONS is living a LIFE of FEAR.

This FEAR we talk of is a FEAR of what EMOTION is going to surface at any given time.

The FEAR for example of the EMOTION OF JEALOUSY is constantly in the background and we FEAR that it will arise not only in ourselves but in those who live with.

The FEAR of ANGER arising whenever we do not get our own way due to such trivialities as the way our children or our partner do not do exactly what we want them to do.

The list is endless and are ALL connected to one thing and one thing only - a FEAR of our EMOTIONS.

This FEAR has destroyed every Human Beings attempt at finding lasting PEACE and continues to dominate and has absolute control of the teachings of MANKIND concerning “who we are”.

We are ruled by our EMOTIONS as well as our “STORY” and will continue to be led by INSANITY unless we come to the greatest of ALL UNDERSTANDINGS which is presented every day within this newspaper the Psychegnosis News.

This UNDERSTANDING is that we are not “who we think we are”.

Let no-one who reads the above give any excuses about their BELIEF in “who they think they are” because by doing so they are preventing PEACE from entering their nervous systems.

Just admit our INSANITY and we shall be FREE - INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Those who do so without any RESERVATION WHATSOEVER will comprehend the above but those who hold onto any part of their “STORY” as being “who they are” will continue to be controlled by the INSANITY that they are “who they think they are” It is as it IS.

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