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We begin Day 2 of our 30 articles pertaining to what we believe is a LAW of the universe and the evidence that we as Human Beings are much more than what we see in the mirror.
We are studying an article first published in APRIL 2009 (which can be found on the left hand side of our home page) in detail over the opening few days and we ask that you the reader join in the discussion by subscribing to the daily newspaper which is on the home page.

This is absolutely free to do so.

So let us begin our research by quoting the opening few paragraphs of our APRIL 2009 article.

It is in bold type below and we will further explain some significant points relating to our evidence concerning ‘The LAW of PSYCHEGNOSIS’ at the end of the statement.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.“ Lao Tzu.
This quotation is attributed to Lao Tzu - Founder of Taoism, who lived almost 500 years before Christ.
This is to show that the Wisdom of PSYCHEGNOSIS is not a new Revelation, but a re-emphasis on what Wise men tried to convey in all ages of Mankind.
The importance of this Statement, allows us to speculate what require to Realise, in our quest to finding out, “who we are not”.
Other quotations from Past men of Wisdom, also confirm the necessity of this great Truth.
Jesus has many such quotes, but perhaps his most famous one relates to this Scripture: Matthew 10:39 where it tells us that if ”we lose ourselves we shall find ourselves”.
This is amazing in the fact that we as Human BEINGS are constantly trying to find out “who we are,“ and here it says, that the only way find ourselves, is to lose our-self.
It is easy to see how people connected to themselves, let this great Truth pass them by..
The “illusion” of “who we think we are”, cannot understand because -  is looking for a who “we are”,  within the Thoughts and Emotions of the mind.
It cannot find an answer, because thoughts are limited to Experiences only within the Lifetime of the mind and the INFORMATION it INHERITED within our HUMAN BODY.
The answer lies within the UN-SEEN WORLD.

As can be seen from our opening statements the fact that wise men from the past quoted the same as what has been stated in the PSYCHEGNOSIS NEWS since 2009 is very important to understand.

The use of their words cannot be misunderstood as meaning anything other than we are not who our thoughts telling us!

The modern man has and is being taught that we can find ourselves in our thoughts and emotions.

This is why we are never happy or at peace for any length of time.

This is due to the ‘LIE’ that our emotional information is bad.

We will be covering this in tomorrow’s article. It is as it IS!

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