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(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)


During the first 10 articles and videos we discussed the importance of looking in the mirror/computer straight into our eyes as we asked QUESTIONS of our existing BELIEFS that make up our CONSCIOUS and SUBCONSCIOUS.

The relevance of this was so we could bring about a new BELIEF but to become aware of our ability to develop what will become a habit during our ADVENTURE.

Our existing/previous BELIEFS were developed over as many years that you the ADVENTURER have been here in the physical domain and we have habits that certainly need a radical and fundamental change as there roots are so entrenched in our everyday behaviour that it will require intense QUESTIONING before we can permanently replace them!

Please remember that to overcome years of BRAINWASHING we have to use the look in the eyes and QUESTION sincerely every belief we have.

This method will speed up the process and bring about the MIRACLE we require to bring about something that previously you have believed was improbable if not impossible!

The modern day killer that is at the root of all health issues both mental and physical is - STRESS!

Our immune systems cannot deal with the simplest of germs or viruses because they are overloaded with - STRESS!

We at this newspaper have constantly mentioned during this Adventure that we affect our body’s nervous system with our thoughts.

There is a chemical reaction within our bodies with every thought that is entertained.

We can alter or recreate ourselves by realizing that we are constantly changing and evolving as humans every second.

The last statements are important to understand to enact the change that we all shall have to our Health starting from today.

Let us discuss in detail what we can all do.

We as human beings are made up of almost 90% water.

We are all dependent on air to live.

We are all stressed to a greater or lessor degree.

This stress or tension has been part of our lives for years without us realizing it.

Even those who think they are OK are stressed.

The reason for not having maximum health is due to stress to our systems.

This blocks life flow.

The difficulty is in not in trying to think differently.

It is not in trying to quell our thinking.

It is not in learning a new strategy to combat our thinking.

For these are but mere token resistance to what IS.

The plain facts are that we need to understand and realise that our thinking is not the cause but our belief that our thinking is ‘who we are’!

Stress is due to our existing BELIEFS concerning our Emotional Vibrational Information and how we have processed it.

For us to reduce or remove stress we must first of all replace our existing Beliefs that are causing the stress.

We have beliefs that are our priority and these are the ones we must focus if we are to remove the stress that is causing our inability to create the miracle we so desire.

Each of us have different PRIORITY beliefs so that is why you must isolate the individual beliefs into categories so that you can Question them thus giving you the power over it rather that it over you.

It may seem difficult but here is an example of a common belief that causes stress within the minds of billions of people that quite frankly when looked at or Questioned in isolation will bring about instant relief from the stress it has given us.

If you don’t have this belief then you are a fortunate person.

The belief we refer to is that ‘we are not good enough to understand what those in power tell us so we rely on them to give us the information to live our lives’.

This belief is so deep rooted and complicated we have perhaps never even thought about how engrained it is in our subconscious information centre.

This belief is the KEY factor that is used by those who desire to control us and is the reason that we do not Question them (those who control us) concerning important issues as; GOING TO WAR - PATRIOTISM IN ITS MANY UGLY FORMS - RELIGIOUS FANATICISM (these are only a few of the many controls thrust upon us).

We are all caught up in our inability to Question those in authority because of our BRAINWASHED CONDITIONING and this is the reason that so many human beings are like lemmings heading over a cliff due to their belief that they are not good enough to Question those in authority.

This article is not advocating violence but simply is designed for us to begin the way to true freedom and to realise that we are more than capable of understanding what we have been told is beyond our capabilities.

This belief is why we are reliant on RELIGION, GOVERNMENTS and so called EXPERTS to give us our ANSWERS to our mind issues as well as other fundamental beliefs that control us!

The side effects of this belief are; GUILT - UNCERTAINTY - AN UNHEALTHY RELIANCE ON SOMEONE ELSE and is the main reason that such issues as DEPRESSION and SUICIDE have reached epidemic levels.

We will continue this subject on what causes us stress in the next few video/articles but for now we ask all the ADVENTURERS to take 5 or so minutes by themselves to QUESTION with sincerity and at the same time looking into their eyes so that the Question brings out the reality of what you have just read; DO I HAVE THE CONFIDENCE IN MY OWN ABILITY TO COMPREHEND WHAT IS TRUE OR DO I RELY ON MY PARENTS - RELIGIOUS LEADERS - POLITICAL PARTY - GURU FOR MY EXISTING BELIEFS AND HAVE ANY OF THEM EVER ASKED ME TO QUESTION THEM?

It is important to note that we as human beings are designed to have continuous progress and wen we allow others to do our thinking for us we have given over our rights to someone else’s opinion and if we do not start Questioning we will remain as lemmings heading for the cliff!

It is as it IS!





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