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Day 13 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE;ABSOLUTE TRUTH is what it ‘IS’ it allows our MIRACLE to MATERIALISE!

(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

Day 13 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; ABSOLUTE TRUTH is what it ‘IS’ it allows our MIRACLE to MATERIALISE!

There are ‘TRUTHS’ and there are ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTHS’ and as we seek to discover whether our BELIEFS are ‘TRUTHS’ or ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTHS’  we will be able to remove the barriers that prevent us from being happy and at peace and further more during this Adventure each Adventurer wants to create their own unique ‘miracle’!

Within Psychegnosis News every article ends with ‘IT IS AS IT ‘IS’!

The reason for this is to reiterate and confirm that the information and the messages portray and reveal a ‘SPIRITUAL TRUTH’!

The importance of discovering if our individual beliefs are either ‘TRUTHS’ or ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTHS’ is imperative if we are to create the miracle we so desire.

Absolute Truth is an illusory issue, and can mean many varied opinions about any subject.

Every opinion has its reason for it being the Truth.

Having passion or sincerity about an issue does not make it an Absolute Truth.

To use force to prove our point does not make it an Absolute Truth.

To tell every person we meet and perhaps convince them of our point, does not make it an Absolute Truth.

It can be handed down as fact through generations of people but it does not make it an Absolute Truth.

Even writing or making it part of our Historical memoirs does not make it an Absolute Truth.

So what does make something an Absolute Truth?

When we refuse to accept what “IS” brings us great confusion and unhappiness.

When we focus on our emotions to bring about our miracle it will cause confusion and disarray.

When we believe we are absolutely right about anything or any subject, we shall attain a feeling of separateness or/and superiority.

All these things are the reason for not having Peace in all we do.

They are if you like the only certainty in our lives along with death.

Thus they are an - ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

Everything else is open to debate.

It may seem at first to be an obscure and unusual way to be given the answer.

If we read the article a few times more it will become clear.

Therein lies the solution.

Let us explain this analogy and how it was reached.

The “illusion” wants our minds to solve all issues in life by thinking.

This leads to coming to a conclusion about everything we ask in our minds to be answered by our minds.

Please re-read that last line again

Our minds are made up of thoughts, and the experiences we have accumulated in our limited lives, here in this wonderful world, so how can it answer a question that is SPIRITUAL in nature?

It is separate from all things and sees no connection with all things.

All things meaning on this occasion, our oneness with all of creation!

This means if our indiviual ‘TRUTHS’ are in any way different from what ‘IS’ we know they are not ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTHS’!

It is actually better to have no BELIEFS as thy are a barrier but if we have to have a belief let it be ‘I am not my emotional information’!

For us to get the best answer or as near an answer to the Truth we as Humans can, we must look at the results of where we get our answers.

The basis of our Thinking Minds has led us to nothing but pain and sorrow.

The results of not using our Thinking Minds are the following; clarity of mind, lightness in our whole system which will result in Peace.

Psychegnosis allows us to be free from ‘who we believe we are’ and the reward is instant Peace.

We can try it out for ourselves.

This series of articles will Free us from the nonsense we have declared is Absolute Truth!

We shall leave ALL readers with this Question :

What is ‘ABSOLUTE TRUTH’ and why is it not to be found by using our Thinking Minds?

It is as it ‘IS’.

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