Friday, December 06, 2019


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Day 16 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; Why the RELIGION of SCIENCE must be QUESTIONED!

(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

Day 16 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; Why the RELIGION of SCIENCE must be QUESTIONED!

Today during our video presentation we presented evidence concerning the teachings of men that try to explain the origins of this wonderful physical world we dwell upon by saying that it and all of nature is in existence due to an accident and that there is no purpose for life and that we will not continue to exist after we die because there is nothing other than what we are experiencing!

Modern day Science has become the new RELIGION of the people and is the cause of great confusion in the minds of those who are influenced by there conjecture (mere speculation based on no or very little evidence) that this earth along with the animals, plants and human beings have evolved form a big explosion that happened billions of years ago!

The proponents of this belief (for it is indeed a belief and not a fact) are no different from the RELIGIONS that espouse that there is a life beyond which we enter when we die.

The only difference being that at least there is plenty of EVIDENCE that proves that this physical experience we are participating in exists whereas the CONJECTURE that we came into existence from nothing but an explosion billions of years ago has no foundation other than mere speculation.

People are abandoning the clear evidence that something intelligent created this amazing world for a nonsensical argument that has no foundation other than fantastical intricate explanations and dissertations that get more and more elaborate everyday!

Each of us can deny that RELIGION is true but we cannot deny the fact that the natural world we live in is something that must have an intelligent and organised entity beyond our understanding for it to exist

The physical evidence surrounding us makes it an ABSOLUTE TRUTH that it required some form on intelligent design as for the SCIENTIFIC explanation it hardly deserves being given any kind of consideration other than SCIENCE FICTION at best!

We at this newspaper are not advocating that we must become RELIGIOUS but what we are trying to explain is that it is insanity of the highest degree to even suggest that this physical world we are experiencing is a freak accident!

We end this article and ask you to think about this Question along with the physical evidence of the incredible synchronistic natural world that surrounds us everywhere we look; DO I SERIOUSLY BELIEVE THAT MY INTELLIGENCE ALONG WITH THE BILLIONS OF OTHER HUMAN BEINGS WHO HAVE INTELLIGENT THOUGHTS CAME INTO EXISTENCE FROM SOME FREAK ACCIDENT THAT SUPPOSEDLY TOOK PLACE BILLIONS OF YEARS AGO?

What are your TERMS&CONDITIONS for your BELIEFS concerning the existence of the physical domain - Do you want clear evidence or mere CONJECTURE?

It is as it IS!

MORE TOMORROW as we present a video on another BELIEF that will either BLOCK or INSPIRE the MIRACLE WE REQUIRE! Psychegnosis News with LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION http://www.psychegnosis.com


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