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Day 19 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE;Become Aware of what you PLANT in your INFORMATION CENTRE!

(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

Day 19 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; Become Aware of what you PLANT in your INFORMATION CENTRE!

Everything in the physical domain is subject to the LAW of NATURE which begins with a BIRTH and ends in a DEATH.

Even our thoughts are subject to this LAW of NATURE in that it begins its life as a THOUGHT and gathers around it other THOUGHTS of the same vibration and they MAGNIFY and INCREASE in magnitude into a BELIEF that we then organise into our existing set of BELIEFS and as we do so we then strengthen that BELIEF even more!

That is why we must become aware of the power of a single THOUGHT and unless we QUESTION every BELIEF we have, we will continue to FEED the BELIEF with more THOUGHTS that will lead us deeper and deeper into our already BRAINWASHED CONDITION!

The only solution for our brainwashed conditioning is to QUESTION every single BELIEF and also be aware that ‘we are’ not our thoughts nor ‘are we’ our STORY which we have TRANSLATED from our storage unit of thoughts!

We must NOT rely on so called authorities to run our lives but they must be QUESTIONED also!

We further explain why our THOUGHTS can and do take control of our life and our behaviour;

Our (Psychegnosis) FRUITS are our EVIDENCE, so put us to the TEST!

Again we reiterate that the physical world we LIVE in is governed by a set of laws we call the laws of nature.

One of the laws that pertain to the physical domain is the LAW of SOWING and REAPING.

Whenever we plant a SEED we can tell what kind of SEED we planted when it comes out of the ground and bears FRUIT.

We cannot plant a potato SEED and expect ROSES to be the end result.

The Law of SOWING and REAPING is an exact law in that whatever SEED is planted it can only bring about the same result every time.

The same rules apply to our behaviours(s).

Every behaviour we have began with a THOUGHT.

A thought is a seed and whatever thought we feed becomes a BELIEF.

Every time we create a belief it is created by an emotion.

Every emotion we have is a part of ‘who we are’ in the physical domain in that it gives us a sense of BEING.

All emotions are important pieces of information and give us a vital resource to exist and communicate here within the physical domain.

We have within this article the result of having The Law of Psychegnosis as a belief, in that we are aware that we are NOT ‘who we THINK we are’!

The FRUITS of Psychegnosis are Peace!

The FRUITS of Peace are behavioural changes!

Behavioural changes are the end result of awareness.


This amazing change is akin to a Spiritual or a Religious experience in the way that it’s something beyond the norm.

PSYCHEGNOSIS, when practised, has a dramatic effect in all areas of a persons life in a way that brings PEACE.

This feeling emanates from every fibre of our being.

The effects at first are quite giddy as if a heavy burden has been taken from us.

It’s not that we don’t care about anything, it’s just that we see it as it IS!

The -IS- part being our life situation.

You have a feeling that you’re invulnerable but at the same time you know you are dependant on all things that surround you.

It’s not like getting excited or being motivated or any feeling felt before in your life experiences.

It’s a feeling that you have arrived back from where you once were and a stillness enters which we can call PEACE.

This is the whole outcome of realising that we are not our thinking.

This amazing transformation remains as long as we don’t make an effort.

This is the opposite of what the world teaches as all change in the physical realm requires effort.

The allowing to be is the difficult part as we keep reverting back to our thinking thus our “illusion” takes control.

When we are back to our thinking process all the old fears return with a bang.

The longer we stay in the the non thinking mode the bigger the jolt when we return to our ‘illusion’.

Life becomes a chore again as we download our past thoughts and our future fears.

The ‘illusion’ is glad you have returned and quickly makes up for lost time.

Do not panic because that will only strengthen the ‘illusion’.

Just be alert and observe the emotions and realise that they are only old experiences.

As we allow everything around us to be, the easier it is to stay in the non thinking mode.

To be aware of each step you are taking and watching the world around us will enhance our new world.

To be where you are at any given time also stops the ‘illusion’ taking a foothold back.

As you do this the world seems so much better.

Colours become more vivid and you even enjoy your own company.

There is no uneasiness in your new world.

The above information contains the changes promised by becoming aware of the greatest of law of all, which is Psychegnosis!

Without Psychegnosis, we can never have PEACE!

Without Psychegnosis, we would remain slaves to our emotions.

Without Psychegnosis, we would continue to have a life of fear and trepidation.

With Psychegnosis, all is well!

If we are receiving long term treatment for MIND ISSUES, we must wonder why?

If we are being treated for MIND ISSUES that never seem to get better why do we continue with that treatment?

The FRUITS are OBVIOUS, aren’t they????

The QUESTION today is a simple but powerful one, as it asks what FRUIT has your existing beliefs given you; WHAT FRUITS HAVE MY EXISTING BELIEFS GIVEN ME?

It is as it ‘IS’.

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