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Day 20 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE;We should LOVE our STORY but be AWARE that it is NOT ‘who you are’!

(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)


Day 20 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; We should LOVE our STORY but be AWARE that it is NOT ‘who we are’!

Within the content of this article are what we must call an enigma and one of the incredulous behaviours experienced by every HUMAN BEING who has understood that they are NOT their emotional impulses!

The reason it s an enigma (a person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand) is because even though we are totally aware that our emotional impulses are nothing but pieces of information we somehow still hold onto our STORY as being ‘who we are’!

The never ending avoidance of giving up on our dependence on our STORY is a major part of our BRAINWASHED CONDITIONING!

Our article today will help those of our readers who are struggling to give up ‘who they think they are’.

This ADVENTURE contains vital information for ALL of Mankind pertaining to finding the desired Peace, both for an individual as well as on a WORLDWIDE level.

We are now on Day 20 of our look at what this ADVENTURE has to offer to the World .

When we first began writing these articles back in January of 2009, we had so much information concerning ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’ we could not reveal everything at the same time.

We have continued to reveal each concept of ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’ filter out to Mankind, in simple easy to understand steps.

We shall continue to elaborate and expand on what has been written in previous articles, so that we can have a full 100% understanding of what we believe is a Law of the Universe.

The evidence is overwhelming and we WILL continue to publish more information about this incredible Law of the Universe..

We are looking at why we constantly avoid giving up our STORY.

Our Story controls us and we do not even know that it does so.

Even those of our readers who are reading EVERY article EVERY day are caught up in believing their STORY!

We ask that we realise that our Thinking Mind is not about to give up its dominance over us without a fight.

It will use every VIBRATIONAL piece of information that it has stored within our CELLULAR make up to convince us to rely on our Emotions to be our guiding light here in the Physical domain.

Why do we find it difficult to Change?

Our Headline today is the most important reason for understanding the significance of ‘The Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS’.

When we read the articles we realise that what is being published is exactly what we have done in our lives.

They are the incident’s that have and are taking part in our Worlds.

The Emotional pulls we are having are being brought out in the open.

We see in others behaviour as well as our own behaviour explained to us as never before.

We Love it.

We Love it because the Thinking Mind Loves to analyse itself.

It does not care if it is Positive or Negative talk, as long as it is able to analyse.

This in and of itself may seem reasonable and logical thing to do when we first read it.

Our Thinking Mind tells us that it can change if it’s given MORE TIME.

Our Thinking Mind tells us that it will handle the new information and give it its place in our belief system.

Our Thinking Mind Loves it.

Our Thinking Mind Loves to talk about change but it never wants to change.

Some of our readers will say that that is not TRUE.

If it is not True, can we ask this Question right NOW;

Why do I not do what I’m supposed to do immediately?

This Question is our key to understanding why we Love to analyse our behaviour.

If we allow our Thinking Mind to be in control we shall never - DO WHAT WE SHOULD DO!

These are some of the QUESTIONS the Thinking Mind must not be allowed to answer.

We ask that we read them carefully and at the same time ask our REAL selves the above Question as well :

1) When I realise the articles have explained that I can be Free instantly from my problems why do I not just get up and do it?

2) When I read that my STORY is not who I am why do I keep telling it?

3) When I realise that my STORY gives me pain and confusion why do I hold onto it?

4) When I see that I’m not my STORY, why do I keep adding to it by giving myself more time to change?

5) Why do I keep telling myself that things will be different in the Future when I know deep down it wont be?


The above Questions (especially the last one) are to be asked and at the same time ask ourselves who exactly is answering them.

We shall see that excuse after excuse will give us reasons NOT to do it there and then.

Who is answering us?

What is it that keeps us from having Peace right now?

We shall see it is our connection to our STORY that is answering us.

It is still in control of our lives and we shall never find out until we realise it.

Our Thinking Mind Loves to delay.

Our Thinking Mind Loves to add to its STORY?

Our Thinking Mind is in control of us.

It is not our Thinking Minds fault.

When we ask the Questions that are in this article in a sincere fashion we shall see exactly what is controlling us.

The time to change is NOW!

Not later after Christmas or after the holiday we said we would have.

Not when the circumstances are right.

Not when others around us change their lives.

Not when I get older, NOW!

Things will never be better than NOW!

Life will become more difficult not easier to change in the Future.

People will never change enough for us to change.

Our circumstances will never change if we allow our Thinking Minds to answer the above Questions.

It is as it IS.

It shall be what we allow it to BE!

There is much to ponder about in the above article!

For now we ask that we look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the following Question;

Why do I rely on my thoughts to give me HAPPINESS, PEACE and JOY and why do I continue to believe my Story and defend it over and above what is REALITY?

When asked with a sincere heart Peace shall enter our nervous systems. It is as it IS.

Tomorrow we shall be revealing more important information concerning our STORY. Comments to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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