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DAY 24 of your 30 DAY ADVENTURE: The DEATH of the ILLUSION opens the DOOR to a NEW WORLD!

DEATH of the “illusion” and the BIRTH of the REAL YOU is only the BEGINNING.

On DAY 24 of our SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENT we look at what is HAPPENING or will HAPPEN to those who have followed the ADVENTURE with SINCERITY.

Here is how our NEW WORLD will BE when we KILL (QUESTION) our ILLUSION:

Whenever awareness of “who we are not” becomes a REALITY our EMOTIONS are instantly silenced and a stillness replaces the noise and confusion that previously existed within our body and mind.

Life suddenly becomes clearer in a way that previously we could not SEE.

It is the same surroundings that we SEE but we SEE them much more clearly.

Our friends are the same friends but we SEE them differently.

Our awareness of what we SEE is in a way that is non-judgemental that brings out a different kind of UNDERSTANDING.

We know we are the same person and we are not afraid of what we SEE because we have complete FAITH in our new found STILLNESS.

The NEW WORLD we SEE is no different other than we do not have uncertainty anymore.

The annoying feeling of having to DO SOMETHING is suddenly replaced with what we are doing at that moment in time.

We do not THINK about our “STORY” in the same way as we did before.

We know our PAST but again we do not SEE it as we once did.

Our level of COMMUNICATION is EFFORTLESS as we go about every situation in our daily tasks in a care free but more focused manner.

What issues I thought were significant no longer have a hold over my attention because I realise that almost every problem existed in a PAST EXPERIENCE and that my involvement was not accepting how it “IS” now.

A SOLUTION to these so called issues that had occupied my whole body and mind for years did not matter anymore because they required no SOLUTION.

Every day I awaken looking forward to LIFE as an ADVENTURE and LOVE everything and everybody.

I look at EARTH and SEE the SUN, MOON and STARS as well as everything in NATURE as a MIRACLE and FEEL ALL POWERFUL yet at the same time HUMBLED to be part of what I now See!

This above actions are the “ONE IDENTITY” that will gradually replace the CONFUSED, IRRATIONAL, UNSURE, PATHETIC CREATURE who succumbed to EVERY situation that arose in LIFE.

This NEW AWARENESS takes me away from the INSANITY of believing my “STORY” to be “who I am” and at the same time REALISING I’m only participating in my “STORY”!

This NEW AWARENESS will REPLACE my old fears with PEACE.

This NEW AWARENESS will REPLACE my UNCERTAINTY and YEARNING to be LOVED or ACCEPTED by EVERYONE with CERTAINTY and a LOVE and ACCEPTANCE of EVERYONE including those who I previously disliked.

This NEW AWARENESS will allow me to SEE the great plan of NATURE and why there are such things as DEATH, POVERTY or so-called INJUSTICES as part and parcel of the REASON this PHYSICAL WORLD EXISTS.

This NEW AWARENESS takes me beyond my INSANITY of believing the “illusion” of “I am who THINK I am” into the REALITY of what IS.

This is the DEATH of the “illusion” and the BIRTH of your “ONE IDENTITY.” but unlike PHYSICAL objects our “illusion” will not remain DEAD without constantly reminding ourselves of “who we are not.”

LIFE will replace DEATH and our NEW “ONE IDENTITY” will become more and more a part of our LIVES. It is as it IS.


Our QUESTION on DAY 24 of our ADVENTURE is as follows;

“Am I aware that by QUESTIONING my “illusion” I have become part of ALL that IS and that by continuing QUESTIONING (KILLING) the INSANITY of believing I am my STORY that eventually every living moment will bring about PEACE?”

This QUESTION is part of our ongoing QUESTIONS designed to bring awareness to “who we are not”

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