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(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 30 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

Day 26 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; Total ACCEPTANCE of what ‘IS’ brings with it NO EFFORT!

Effort or ACCEPTANCE - which one leads to Permanent Peace and Happiness?

For those readers who are perhaps new to Psychegnosis News, we ask that you read this article more than once because there will be many Questions arise pertaining to what this newspaper declares is a LAW of NATURE - PSYCHEGNOSIS!

We are on DAY 26 of an ADVENTURE/EXPERIMENT into our BELIEFS which when understood in its entirety will give FREEDOM and PEACE to MANKIND both on a personal and worldwide level.

Our search on DAY 26 asks the QUESTION -‘why it is impossible to find PERMANENT PEACE and HAPPINESS with the methods prescribed or taught by Mankind as a Solution to the issues that confront every Nation and people on our beautiful planet?’

The only PERMANENT way to overcoming every PROBLEM that beset Mankind such as DEPRESSION, SUICIDE, FANATICISM, OBSESSIONS, FEAR, DIVORCE, WARS and CONFLICT between NATIONS and countless other issues is through understanding we are not “who we think we are”, which requires NO EFFORT whatsoever!

We develop through many various PHYSICAL stages in our LIFE without any effort on our part.

From the moment we are conceived in our mothers womb until we die, we have only to feed our Physical bodies regularly to grow from that tiny seed into a fully developed Human Being.

This requires NO EFFORT on our behalf as it goes from one stage to another.

Mankind has introduced many many ideas throughout History in a vain attempt to bring about Peace both on an individual and Global level without any PERMANENT success.

The POLITICIAN’S, PSYCHOLOGIST and the PSYCHIATRIST as well as other THERAPISTS are not at fault because they are coming from a point of view that MAN is our PHYSICAL BODIES and the EMOTIONS that VIBRATE from them.

What this newspaper has consistently written is that we ARE NOT OUR BODIES ,NOR ARE WE THE EMOTIONS THAT FLOW from them!

The reason MANKIND uses force rather than allowance is that they are controlled by the erroneous BELIEF that says that we have BAD and GOOD EMOTIONS.

NO EMOTION is BAD it is simply an EMOTION.

NO EMOTION is GOOD it is simply an EMOTION.

Those who are controlled by their Thinking Mind will say how can that be, there must be GOOD and BAD?

Of course they are correct but we are not saying there is NO GOOD or BAD we are saying that there are NO GOOD OR BAD EMOTIONS.

Let us explain what we mean by illustration.

If we did not have a particular EMOTION such as HATE within our CELLULAR systems we could never understand what LOVE was.

If we had no FEAR we would not know what life without FEAR was.

If we had no PAIN we could never experience the joy of good Health.

Every EMOTION we have is only an EMOTION.

Every time we TRY and FIX our EMOTIONS by any kind of FORCE we will only make things worse than they are.

Every time we try and analyse our EMOTIONS we will bring upon ourselves more confusion.

Every time we use the INSANITY of POSITIVE THINKING as a solution for our EMOTIONS it will lead to a LIFE of constant EFFORT of trying to live up to the impossible task of pleasing our EMOTIONS.

Every time we try MEDICATION or any STIMULANTS to bring about a CHANGE in our EMOTIONS we are allowing OUR EMOTIONS to control our LIVES.

When we understand that our EMOTIONS are not in any way at fault these same EMOTIONS that previously gave us problems falll into place within our nervous systems and become part of our amazing Physical Bodies.

We say once more and we will continue to say that EFFORT is not required to bring about PERMANENT PEACE within our PHYSICAL BODIES.

We also repeat that by not making any EFFORT we will bring about INSTANT PEACE in our nervous systems.

It only requires us to understand we are not ‘who we think we are.’

It is as it IS.


Our QUESTION on DAY 26 is as follows; When I understand there are no BAD or GOOD EMOTIONS do I feel at PEACE?

The above QUESTION is open to EVERY reader and not JUST those who are ADVENTURERS.

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