Thursday, November 26, 2020


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(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 30days wherein we will discuss COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND which effect our MIND RELATED ISSUES. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)


30 DAY ADVENTURE ; Positive Thinking is an EMOTION that is DANGEROUS! (2)

One of the most difficult of all the revelations that has been revealed through this website is the controversial issue concerning Positive Thinking!
We would like to reiterate the declaration that Positive Thinking is the most dangerous of all the beliefs held by mankind!
Why is it the most dangerous of all our beliefs?
What is it about being positive about our thinking makes it so dangerous?
The answer lies in the word ‘Positive’!
‘Positive’ is a very powerful word that tells our information centre that where we are at that particular moment is not perfect therefore we require to have changes to be happy!
This is why we as a race of people are never very happy for very long and find the revelation and promise given by this newspaper that we can be happy 100% of the time to be an impossibility!
We (mankind) are so brainwashed into our belief that “we are” our thoughts we have built up an impenetrable barrier that does not allow us to believe that is is possible to be happy every single moment of our lives here in the physical domain!
This is why we at this newspaper require to continuously remind the readers that the belief that Positive Thinking is the solution to find happiness here in the physical domain but is in fact the most dangerous of all the beliefs we (mankind) have!
Let us explain in more detail the danger of believing our thoughts as being ‘who we are”;
This article is very controversial and is based on one of the most accepted of all the lies that mankind has presented as being a solution to the problems that exist here in the physical domain.
The “lie” that we are focusing on is that Positive Thinking is the answer to our problems and that to think negatively is bad!
We are surrounded by those who profess that all we have to do is think positive and we will be happy - this is a lie!
In every school of learning and within every society we are being taught that we will find peace by thinking positive thoughts and by replacing our negative thoughts with positive thoughts we will overcome such things as; Depression - Suicide - Unhappiness - Jealousy - Illness along with other mind based issues - this is a lie!
Positive and negative thoughts are only thoughts which are pieces of information and both are designed to give us choices!
They both if believed to be “who we are” fall short of making us be happy or at peace!
Why is this?
Well, they both tell our nervous system that how things are at this present moment can be better than it “IS”!
They both are focused on past or future events that have passed or have not yet happened!
They both are barriers to our happiness and peace and if we continue to use such strategies we will bring nothing but more pain and confusion within our nervous system.
We would like to proclaim at this time that those therapists and gurus who profess that positive thinking and strategies is the answer for their patients and clients problems are in fact adding to their patients problems and making things much worse!
We give this important warning to Psychiatrists and Psychologists as well as Social workers that to try and Medicate - Meditate or Analyse a persons past experiences is a recipe for disaster!
We live in the physical domain.
Our physical body is subject to both birth and death.
Everything in the physical world has a birth and it has a death.
Nothing physical remains the same from one moment to the next.
Our physical body is constantly transmuting from one physical condition to another.
Our physical body will eventually die.
This is certain!
Our physical body is controlled by our nervous system that requires us to fuel it with proper food for it to develop.
The ‘fuel’ we wish to talk about is not food or water but another much more important fuel.
This ‘fuel’ can give us peace or it will give us confusion.
This ‘fuel’ can give us better health or it can lead us to commit suicide.
This ‘fuel’ is the key to happiness or peace or it is our key to misery and confusion.
The ‘fuel’ we are talking about is our thoughts.
Every thought we have causes a chemical reaction within our nervous system.
Every thought that enters our nervous system has the power to confuse us or enlighten us.
Every thought that we focus on or give priority will lead us to an action.
This is called the law of Cause&Effect.
The physical world is made up of Cause&Effect.
This is why we must be aware of the thoughts that we entertain.
Every thought we have is part of a vast library of thoughts.
Each thought is designed to give us choices.
There are no bad thoughts.
Even thoughts such as suicidal thoughts or murderous thoughts are not bad.
The philosophy of mankind teaches “the lie of all lies”,  that “we are” what we think.
This Philosophy is taught in our schools of learning and our religious institutions.
This Philosophy has brought about the most dangerous of all the beliefs that have been accepted by mankind - Positive Thinking!
Positive Thinking is extremely dangerous.
Positive Thinking is even worse that negative thinking.
Why is this the case, you may ask?
It is because it prevents you from having real peace.
It is a poor substitute for happiness and peace.
Positive Thinking will never ever give us peace.
We (mankind) are taught that it is better to be a Positive Thinker rather than a negative thinker.
Let’s look at the end result of both these thought based emotions.
They both have an effect on what we believe.
Other similarities are that they invoke a chemical reaction within our bodily system.
They also affect our mental status.
The affects for both negative and Positive Thinking are dissatisfaction, with our life situation.
The last one being, the most important.
The fact is, that Positive Thinking means in worldly terms, that we can be better.
In reality, it is the same as being negative, because that also vibrates to us, that we can be better than we are.
The Positive Thinking person may seem more complete, than the negative thinker, but underneath it all, his vibration is just as unsettled.
The reason is, that believing we are our thoughts, means we are never satisfied.
They (negative and positive thoughts) always require more and put us in a state of un-ease .
In the negative state, we consider ourselves as a victim.
In the positive state, we always want more.
The victim always requires more attention and makes sure of this by telling everyone, “how bad things are“, and the Positive thinker always “wants things to be better than they are“.
Both states cause stress and un-ease in our nervous system with how things actually “ARE”.
The “are” part, is the key part to it all.
They both are not accepting life, as it “IS”.
One state, causes us to feel inferior, while the other makes us feel, not good enough.
They both cause pain and confusion.
The “illusion” does not care which state you choose, because it is strengthened, either way.
The question that arises is, what is the alternative?
The law of Psychegnosis explains that we develop an awareness.
This allows access to something beyond thought.
It’s a feeling which gives us control in every situation we are involved in, knowing, that all is well.
It will give us maximum results in everything we endeavour to do, .
In fact, it will take us beyond anything we believed possible, even in your wildest thinking moment.
This state is being at one with all that “IS”.
This will help us all in overcoming feelings of inadequacy, that are caused in both thinking modes, be they positive or be they negative.
This is no idle promise.
The results are instant.
That moment, peace enters our nervous system.
This article when understood will lead mankind to instant peace.
This article when understood will free us from the tyranny of believing we are our thoughts.
Here is todays QUESTION which should be read whilst looking yourself in the eyes:IS MY HAPPINESS RELIANT ON SOME FUTURE HOPE?
To those who understand, we say, welcome to reality!
It is as it “IS”<>

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