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PSYCHEGNOSIS V EVOLUTION; Has the Messages of this Newspaper given you PEACE? (35)

Article 35 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

PSYCHEGNOSIS V EVOLUTION; Has the Messages of this Newspaper given you PEACE? (35)


Why should we share this information with our loved ones?

Our claim is that this newspaper has within its content the most important information ever given to mankind!

For those readers who have experienced the impact of putting ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’ to the test it has changed their lives to such an extent it is nothing short of being miraculous.

The time is now come for every person who has become aware of ‘who they are not’, to help others to become aware of ‘who they are not’!

Every human being who is alive today is cursed with the belief that they are their emotional output.

Every human being is troubled and confused with trying to please their vibrational output.

Every human being requires to be free from the insanity of their attachment to their ‘story’.

Every human being originated from the un-seen world and will return to the un-seen world when their physical body dies!

The message of this newspaper and its mission is to bring about peace for every human being.

We ask that those who understand take the initiative today, and begin to take steps to share the message with their fellow human beings.

As the editor, I will do all I can to help those who desire to do so.

In the near future there is going to be programmes set up using the information from the 2000+ articles that will be presented to mankind in various formats.

Each programme will focus on taking the message of Psychegnosis to Hospitals - Prisons - Therapists - Psychiatrists - Government officials and World leaders.

The responsibility of sharing this information with all mankind is enormous but it will be the most rewarding thing we can do in this life.

The time has come for those who understand to help those who do not understand.

It is our individual responsibility to share this information with our fellow human beings but only once we have experienced Psychegnosis in our own lives!

We entered this world as babes in arms, and we shall leave the physical world usually before we are 120 years of age.

Life is constantly changing, and by simply being aware, we can see that our lives are quickly ebbing away.

This newspaper ‘The Psychegnosis News, would like to at this time, give each of our readers an opportunity to share with mankind the most exciting information ever given to modern man.

On the 1st of January 2009, we published our first article titled : ’Announcement to the World”, in which there was a declaration of what the newspapers mission was, for all mankind.

We have we believe now reached the stage, where we have proven with overwhelming evidence, that we have indeed fulfilled what we declared back in January 2009.

It is now the time to present to the world the evidence that has been brought forth from the un-seen world.

It is now time for those of our readers who understand the message to take part in bringing about a WORLDWIDE awareness of ‘The Law of Psychegnosis”.

It is now the time to share our knowledge with those we profess to love.

It is now the time to share our message with those that are in the pain we once had.

It is now the time to do something individually that will make an impact in the world.

We who are aware of ’who we are not’ are asked to bring about the individual changes, required to fulfil the promises made by wise men in ages past.

Now is the time for us to stand up and be counted, for if we do, we shall be given the strength to do so.

All we have to do is ask ourselves with sincerity this Question;

If I have been given this information, and have experienced the promises made by ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’, and have been released from the pain of who i thought I was, do I understand, that by sharing this information with those I love, they will also have the joy and peace that I now have?”

The above Question, must be asked with sincerity for it has great power in overcoming the thinking minds influence over us.

‘The Law of Psychegnosis’, has given each of us who are aware of ’who we are not’, an opportunity to be part of the greatest transformation ever known in the history of man.

Let us all realise that our worldly pursuits are not only what life is all about!

Let us all join together, and bring peace to every man, woman and child, that is on our beautiful world we call earth.

Let us all start today and share our joy.

The time is now.

It is as it ’IS’.

Below is our first statement to the world. we would like to republish it at this time so that we can all see what was promised on that historic day when we first announced ‘The Law of Psychegnosis’.

When we began our lives, we had an equal opportunity to make our presence in the mortal world, really mean something.

You, and you alone must decide if the statement below has been fulfilled or not?:

’January 1st, 2009.

‘Announcement to the World’

Today Psychegnosis News is being published for the first time on the world wide web, which for the editorial team is we believe a major move in taking this universal law to the world.

In the coming months Psychegnosis will be explained, investigated and discussed in many formats.

The reason for this website was inspired almost 20yrs ago by the search for why miracles happened.

It has led to finding the answer to other things such as why do we as humans behave the way we do?

It also studies where and how to access the perfect way to anything we are involved in.

This accumulation of information gathered brings us Psychegnosis.

Psychegnosis is, we believe, a law that has always existed.

In fact it has always been here!

Thus Psychegnosis has always been with us but had no name as such.

It brings with it the great truth that we are not who we think are and that our connection to the ‘illusion’ is what brings unhappiness.

That our ego is not the problem.

That the understanding of who we are not, is the only way peace can be brought individually and collectively for all mankind.

It is a bold claim that we make but when we see the evidence and read the mission statement, it will leave all mankind with much to discuss.

This online newspaper will be translated into many languages in due course as our readership demands it.

we at the editorial team look forward to your input.


The above STATEMENT( PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE WAS NO ARTICLES WRITTEN IN ADVANCE. EDITOR) was the very first to be published and explains why it is imperative that we do not delay any longer, sharing our new found knowledge with those we profess to love.

Let us all do something that will change the world forever.

It certainly needs changing!

It is as it ’IS’!

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