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PSYCHEGNOSIS V EVOLUTION; Psychegnosis is either True or False - YOU DECIDE! (28)

Article 28 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

PSYCHEGNOSIS V EVOLUTION; Psychegnosis is either True or False - YOU DECIDE! (28)

(The complete evidence concerning whether Psychegnosis is True or False is contained within the 2000+ articles published since 2008 but for the sake of this particular publication we will put forward some of our claims and we will do so with confidence that our evidence can be scrutinised and found to match up to our radical declarations that challenge every existing therapy used both for our physical and mental issues.)

We have covered the first two Questions of the nine presented in our 23rd Article in this series and now continue with Question three;


First of all, we would like to say concerning this Question that we believe that the information contained within the pages of this newspaper ‘The Psychegnosis News’ are relevant and pertains to every human being here in the physical domain. 

We further ascertain that before each of us entered the body we see in the mirror that we knew this information, but due to our being indoctrinated and brainwashed during our stay here we have forgotten what we knew was true and as we become aware of our vibrational information not being ‘who we are’ it will become even more obvious that we did indeed exist before we entered our body!!

Psychegnosis is different from other Therapies!

The existing Therapies that are practised by mankind is at best only giving temporary respite and is wasting valuable time!

Our prisons and hospitals are full of detainees and patients who are being given advice and medication that unfortunately will never fix or cure them!

We do not condemn those who are involved as therapists because they are only doing what they believe is correct.

We at Psychegnosis News would like to ask every person who is involved as a Therapist - Social worker - Psychiatrist - Psychologist as well as every other person who is involved with helping those who are unfortunately requiring emotional help, to investigate the solution that is available within this newspaper!

The following information relating to why Psychegnosis is the only solution.

Every treatment used by mankind is based on changing our emotions.

Mankind has treated every problem that exists in the same way since history began.

The treatment and solutions are based on their misunderstanding of the physical body and mind.

They have erroneously taught that we human beings have bad or good emotional vibrations.

This fallacy has led the greatest scholars in history into treating our emotional vibrations by replacing them with what they consider to be better vibrations.

In our schools and other places of learning, we (mankind) have written numerous books and essays and given uncountable dissertations and lectures that have continued this non-sense for thousands of years.

The great Religions of Mankind have also spread the lie that we are good or evil due to our thinking.

Positive Thinking and self-help books and teachers and life coaches have continued this ‘lie of lies’

On the face of things it is perfectly understandable that the above situations have been the conclusion but with the introduction of ‘The law of Psychegnosis’ it is now time for mankind to abandon every teaching and belief and therapy that “we are” our emotional output.

Let it be abundantly clear at this time that we are not ‘who we think we are’ nor are we our emotional vibrations.

We further claim that every man, woman and child who understands that “we are” not our emotions will result in having instant peace enter their nervous system.

This is a 100% guarantee without exception.

It does not matter what country you are from or the educational background you come from or whether you are a criminal or having a history of drug taking the promise of peace is the same.

Those who become aware that their thinking mind is a carrier of information will be free from the consequences of their emotional output.

There will be no need to take medication or practice Meditation to change our vibrational output.

The age of enlightenment has now come to all mankind due to ‘The law of Psychegnosis’ being our guide.

We make no apologies for the above statement.

We as human beings are constantly looking to be appreciated and have attention.

When we first entered the physical domain we were open to every vibration that was available and we became aware that these vibrations were part of our new world.

We were given a name by our parents and we quickly became accustomed to answering to the name we were given.

We had needs that required our parents to meet and our reliance on our parents was 100% as we became accustomed to the physical domain.

Our emotions became more and more demanding as we learned to meet these powerful vibrations.

We became dependent on these vibrations that were taught to us so that we could survive those early years of our childhood when we first arrived in the physical world.

Our survival became totally dependent on vibration and every time we were asked to do anything we looked towards our vibration for our answers.

Our parents would teach us what their parents taught them along with the things they themselves learned by their own experiences during their lifetime.

As children, we knew nothing else as we went through these very important stages of our development.

We never questioned what our parents taught us because we had complete faith in them.

We learned more in those 2 or 3 formative years than we did in the next 20 years of our life and our reliance on our emotional vibrations became more and more powerful.

As we developed we looked for situations and other people with the same vibrations we had come to depend upon.

We were and are programmed to follow our emotional vibrations and during our formative years became totally dependent on them to guide us.

Our programming has terms&conditions attached to them which was/is dependent on how much we relied/rely on our vibrations as being “who we were/are”.

The main programming vibrations we became addicted too was the need for attention and appreciation.

This was due to the fact that we were never taught that we were not our vibrations so whenever our vibration wanted anything we reacted to it.

So our need for attention and appreciation began to dominate our nervous systems and they became our guideline for being happy.

This programming is common throughout all civilisations and is part of all religions and traditions.

It is no one’s fault.

When we come to understand that we are programmed we can then begin to see that our emotional vibrations are only pieces of information.

This understanding then allows us to become observers rather than reactors to our vibrations.

We then are no longer under the control of our vibrations and we are free from being brainwashed by our emotions which in turn allows us to see our insanity.

Every strategy or treatment used by Mankind is based on changing our emotions or replacing them with other emotions.

This only re-programmes us and replaces our old unwanted emotions with new emotions.

It still gives us the same reliance on our vibrations being “who we are” even though we may believe we are in control we are now even more caught up in “who we think we are”.

Our “story” becomes even stronger than ever before as we have only changed our old “story” for a new “story”.

We have only fine-tuned our brainwashing and move further away from peace.

Those who understand will understand but those that are still undergoing brainwashing cannot help it.

We learn from this that we are all brainwashed, that by treating our emotional output as being “who we are”, and replacing our emotions with other emotions, only continues and strengthens our brainwashed condition.


Those who understand will understand.

It is as it “IS”!

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