Tuesday, April 23, 2019


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Article 15 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

Love is what makes the world go round or does it?
The reason we Love is what we shall address today.
This issue will open our eyes to the most powerful of all emotions.
The impact Love has on our individual lives as well the world is a major factor in human development.
Love is an emotion.
It started its life in our minds as a Vibration.
It comes in many forms.
These forms of Love are expressed in all our actions.
This emotion we call Love permeates every fibre of our Being.
It is deep-rooted in our traditions.
We have Romantic Love.
We have love for our Country.
We Love our hobbies.
We Love our work.
We Love “who we think we are”.
The facts are - Love is an emotion.
Love in all of the above situations is NOT permanent.
The Love we give in all these situations is conditional.
This conditional Love is dependant on how we feel at that particular moment.
The Love we feel for each of the above will result in pain.
Love is a physical condition.
Love is an expression of our inner beliefs.
The facts all point to - Love is an emotion.
This emotion is mistaken for “who we think we are.”
Love is not the answer in the way the world understands it to be.
Love is no more than emotion at that particular moment.
It is only an expression of what we have learned from our physical experiences.
It is biased towards how we believe the world to be.
Love for a Country is used to kill someone who does not have the same beliefs as we do.
Love controls who we believe deserve our Love.
Love is an emotion.
The name of Love is used to divide people who do not agree with our beliefs.
The name of Love is used to kill those that do not believe what we do.
In the name of Love is when looked at is no different too - in the name of Hate.
Love is an emotion.
PSYCHEGNOSIS explains that the emotion we call Love is fantastic when it is understood in the way it was meant to be.
The way nature meant it to be.
We can use this powerful emotion to fulfil the measure of our creation.
We ask that you join with us in reviewing all aspects of Love.
Remember - Love is an emotion not who we think we are.
Please be aware that Love is not anything but an Emotion.
It is not permanent.
It dies when we die.
It is here to give us Joy and PEACE but it is only an Emotion the same as HATE is an Emotion.
It gives us feelings that make us do things beyond what we would normally do but at the same time it is only an emotion and not “who we truly are.”
Love is important but we are better of without it if it gives us both pain and confusion.
Love that gives pain and confusion is not true love but is simply a thought that has gone out of control.
There is much to discuss but for now please be aware that love is only an emotion.
To be free from our connection to our emotional impulses having control over our life, we must Question what is the true source of every emotion that we have, that includes the powerful emotion called love!
All emotions in their purest form can change our thinking and behaviour in a single moment and when understood for what they are designed to do, we can then control them, rather than they controlling our life!
The love that mankind has, is a diluted version, and unfortunately, due to our brainwashed condition most of us have lost the true value of this amazing emotion and have replaced it with conditional love!
Conditional love is not love but is based solely on conditions!
We teach our children that we will love them if they do what we want them to do!
Is that true love or conditional love?
In our formative we are brainwashed into such beliefs as to love only those who follow certain rules;
The colour of a persons skin is taught as being a reason to love them?
Is that true love or conditional love?
The country of birth or status of wealth and power determines whether that person is deserving of our love?
Is that true love or conditional love?
The religious or world view of a person is taught as being a factor in who we should show love!
Is that true love or conditional love?
We are taught that God will love us more if we kill our fellow man because they do not believe or behave in the way we do!
Is that true love or absolute insanity?
There are numerous other examples of our brainwashed conditioning concerning what is true love and what is the diluted version of love.
We have to Question the source of our so-called love and when we do we can be free to love unconditionally.
To love unconditionally does not require any effort because the light of wisdom will enter our mind and heart when we Question the true source of our existing conditions to love.
We must Question every piece of ‘STRAW’ and by so doing we can change our beliefs.
This is the key!
It is as it IS!

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