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PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; The REASON we can be HAPPY 100% of the TIME! (44) Day (8) IN COURT

Article 44 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

(We have set up a fictitious courtroom which over the next few weeks we will investigate in detail the claims contained in this newspaper ‘The Psychegnosis News)

PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; The REASON we can be HAPPY 100% of the TIME! (44) (8) IN COURT

PROSECUTION COUNCIL; The 7th charge we bring against you is the impossible claim made by this newspaper many times, is that it is possible to be happy 100% of the time here on earth. How do you plead to such nonsense!


PROSECUTION COUNCIL; We ask that you put your evidence in front of the JURY!

Let us explain why it’s possible to be happy 100% of the time but first of all let us give numerous examples of why in our present state of mind it is impossible to be happy for very long.

Here are a few which will help us to demonstrate how we are to blame for our un-happiness;

1) I’m not going to be happy until I go on holiday next year!

As we tell ourselves that we are not going to be happy until we go on holiday we are preventing ourselves from happiness entering our physical body.

2) I will never find another love like my first love!

Imagine how we are going to be in any further relationship?

The power of our words will cause us to never be as happy in another relationship!

3) My life will never be happy until my children have a college degree (or some other condition)!

That means that you have defined your happiness on someone else which not only limits your happiness but also can effect your children’s happiness.

4) I will never trust another human being until the day I die!

Trust and happiness are inseparably connected.

To never trust another human being brings with it limited happiness!

5) My parents never loved me so I cannot be happy!

This is a barrier to being happy for the rest of your life!

6) Due to the colour of my skin or the country of my birth I can never be happy in this life!

This is a common belief and therefore brings about limited happiness!

These are but a few of the numerous barriers that do not allow us to be happy and we will give some more examples during our defence.

It is a marvel that we are ever happy and is a possibility that very few human beings can remember being truly happy!

We claim we have Irrefutable evidence, why happiness is possible 100% of the time!

Happiness is the most sought after emotional condition and as human beings we are constantly seeking to be happy.

In fact everything we do is an attempt at becoming more and more happy.

This is where the problem has its foundation because we believe that happiness requires effort.

This is why we are never happy (at least not for long).

Happiness can only be discovered here in the present moment.

It is not in some future time or future heaven.

Nor is it in some past experience or relationship.

We set out conditions within our mind for when we believe happiness will be the result.

We are the ones who prevent happiness from entering our nervous system due to our conditions.

Happiness is an emotion.

It is not real.

It is part of our information library.

iIt is part of our choices which we can access at any time.

Acceptance that life is good at all times is the key - no conditions!

Acceptance that our emotional vibrations are all good - no conditions!

Acceptance that we are not “who we think we are” is the most important believe we can have.

This information will help us to be free from the conditions we have that prevent us from being happy 100% of the time.

What are your terms for happiness?

If we realised how powerful every word we speak has over our nervous system we would be more careful about what we say.

If we understood the consequences that result from every-thought we have we would appreciate how important the messages that are contained in this newspaper.

if we were aware of how our behaviour is also a direct result from what we believe our life will begin to make sense.

Before we commence with the article let us give a few examples of every day thoughts that are expressed by most people.

1) I do not like Monday (or any day) because it is not the weekend.

2) I’m not going to be happy until I go on vacation.

3) Unless the weather changes I’m not going to be happy.

4) Unless my partner begins to do what I want them to do I will not love them.

The list is endless.

They are all conditional.

You can add your own to the above.

The importance of giving terms & conditions to anything is that we set a limit to our participation in whatever we are involved in.

The terms & conditions we would like to talk about today and which we shall elaborate on during the rest of this trial are what terms & conditions we are bringing into our lives.

These terms & conditions are different for every individual and are there are usually different terms & conditions for every situation.

For example, if we have terms & conditions relating to our love for our partners or our children and friends we will only give our love if these terms & conditions are met.

There is nothing we can do about the outcome after we have set these terms & conditions within our sub-conscious.

Our minds immediately prevent our love from continuing, because we have given it the vibrational information which we have communicated to our sub-conscious and lo and behold we stop loving because of these pre-determined terms & conditions.

Our whole nervous system then withholds our love because that is the way our physical body must react.

Every time we set down our terms & conditions we are giving ourselves parameters (boundaries) which curtail our development in any given situation.

Many a wonderful relationship is and has been destroyed over such a simple term & condition as how we should fold our towels or how we expect others to behave in other simple every day tasks.

We make a hullabaloo (great drama) over things that are trivial all because of our pre-arranged terms & conditions.

terms & conditions are important but only if they are sane terms & conditions.

One great example is to have this term & condition as part of our arrangement with our sub-conscious ;

“I will do unto others what I would have them do unto me.“

That is perhaps along with a few others be the only terms & conditions we should have in our lives.

For those who have the above along with a few other terms & conditions the end result will be happiness and peace for the rest of their lives.

What are your terms & conditions concerning life?

Let us give a few suggestions on what we could say in certain circumstances.

1) I’m alive today, so everything else is a bonus.

2) I’m the happiest I can be at this moment in time.

3) I’m where i am, and it is the best place I can be at this time.

There are many more we could add but what is above should suffice.

Peace 100% will be the result of changing our terms & conditions in life.

Our statement for happiness and peace is only possible 100% of the time if we can accept that our emotional impulses are not ‘who we are’!


Try it!

It is as it “IS”.

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