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PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; There will be NO need of RELIGION when we DIE! (45) Day (9) IN COURT

Article 45 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

(We have set up a fictitious courtroom which over the next few weeks we will investigate in detail the claims contained in this newspaper ‘The Psychegnosis News)

PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; There will be NO need of RELIGION when we DIE! (45) Day (9) IN COURT

PROSECUTION COUNCIL; The 8th charge we bring against you is that you have brought upon the great RELIGIONS of the world a great injustice when your newspaper claim that their beliefs will not be practiced after they die and you continue to publish and state that these same beliefs which have been there beliefs for centuries are only relevant here on earth and will cease to have any validity in the after life!


PROSECUTION COUNCIL; We ask that you put your evidence in front of the JURY!

Before we continue with our defence we would like to say that we have no ulterior motive to bring disharmony amongst any religious institution or against anyone who practices within these organisations but we indeed desire to bring about an understanding that their beliefs are only important while we are here in the physical domain! When we say that RELIGION is only relevant here in the physical domain, we are only stating that there will be no need to continue to give thanks to our creator because he/her will have revealed to us everything that is now hidden from us.

The FACTS are that within each of the religions there are traditions that differ completely from each other and are part of the many cultures that surround those that practice within each of the Faiths.

The FACTS are that there are thousands of religions each espousing what they consider the CREATORS views are for salvation or to be an acceptable way of living our lives.

The FACTS are that the CREATOR needs to be defended from any view credited to him/her that brings upon any human being to be killed or harmed in his/her name!

The FACTS are that if the CREATOR does have any kind of bias towards any human being then that CREATOR is as corrupt as any other BIGOT or PSYCHOPATH that has walked upon this EARTH!

The FACTS are that the CREATOR gave us all a FREE WILL or the opportunity to make our own choices so that we could bring about an understanding of our life here in the physical domain but unfortunately we have due to being in a brainwashed condition chosen to follow our emotional information rather than the conscience we all have!

Our warning is that if we believe that our traditions or religion are from our CREATOR or that they are superior to our fellow human beings we ask that you stop and ask the upcoming three questions;

Our desire is to help those who have been so brainwashed to QUESTION everything even their belief in their religion concerning being from a CREATOR.

We ask the Jury (ALL READERS) the following QUESTIONS;

1) Has my belief got any kind of proof other than I’ve always believed it to be because I have been taught that it is?

2) Why have I never questioned my beliefs concerning my tradition and religion?

3) Would those (parents - teachers - religious leaders etc) who have taught me these beliefs like me to ask any of the two questions above

These three questions are specifically designed to break down the barrier that has been put into our sub-conscious by those who profess to love us and by those who desire to control us!

We end our short defence with this final QUESTION which asks us all to search deep into our very souls if it is indeed the CREATOR who runs our lives or some made up story passed onto me from generation to generation; DO I REALISE THAT WHEN I LOOK AT THE WONDERMENT OF NATURE AND THE GLORIOUS PHYSICAL SURROUNDINGS THAT ARE AROUND ME DO I BELIEVE THAT THE CREATOR OF ALL THIS WOULD JUSTIFY OR BE PART OF TELLING ANY MAN OR WOMAN IT IS ‘HIS WILL’ TO KILL OR ORDER ANY KIND OF BRAINWASHING OF ANY HUMAN BEING IN ANY WAY?

It is as it IS!

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