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Article 41 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

(We have set up a fictitious courtroom which over the next few weeks we will investigate in detail the claims contained in this newspaper ‘THE Psychegnosis News)


PROSECUTION COUNCIL; The charge today is concerning the beliefs of billions of people who practise MEDITATION. This is a serious allegation, how do you plead?


PROSECUTION COUNCIL; We ask that you put your evidence in front of the JURY!

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and we do not wish to demean those who are advocating the use of MEDITATION because as with POSITIVE THINKING it is understandable that to treat our emotional information as the problem for mental health issues seemed to be the only answer, but as our findings are based upon our emotional information NOT requiring to be fixed we reiterate that it is dangerous as well as useless to try and repair that which requires no fixing!

The problem with MEDITATING is that it is another form of treating a dead entity which is the ‘ILLUSION’ that we have all been brainwashed into believing is ‘who we are’, therefore reinforcing the erroneous belief that our vibrational impulses are ‘who we are!

The facts are that MEDITATION is taking our ‘ILLUSION’ as being a reality when in fact it is no more than something that is only a creation in the mind of the individual.

We have within the Archives of this newspaper literally hundreds of articles pertaining to why MEDITATION is not only unnecessary but is also a waste of valuable time and is therefore something that must be abandoned or it will continue to be a barrier to bringing about both peace for us as individuals and most importantly mankind! 

In MAY, 2009, we published a series of articles explaining in minute detail the reason we believe MEDITATION being used for the purpose of treating our emotional information is unnecessary and for those of the JURY who may wish to investigate further our findings on MEDITATION these articles are readily available within the archives of this newspaper.

Here are two of such publications which we would like to present to you the JURY today;

PSYCHEGNOSIS or Meditation - what is Reality? (Part 7)
May10th 2009

Please update with reading the first 6 articles before commencing on this chapter on Meditation.

The important thing to take note of in this article is, that we are not saying that Meditation has not helped mankind in the pursuit of Peace.

What we have discussed thus far; is the practise of Meditation necessary - when we realise what PSYCHEGNOSIS has to offer?

Let us again look at what PSYCHEGNOSIS has to offer the World.

We believe that Life itself is the source of Peace.

That the thinking minded have controlled the World since the beginning of time.

The connection to our thinking being “who we are” has caused War and strife.

Not only between nations, but in communities, families and in the body and mind of every individual.

Our understanding that our thoughts are “who we are”, has brought us to the point of total mayhem and insanity, in every generation of man.

This connection to our minds being “who we think we are”,is evident as we look at our own individual world we live in.

By this we mean - look at our own behaviour and then those of our family and friends.

Ask yourself these questions -

1) “Are any of the problems that any HUMAN BEING have, that are not connected to thinking”?

2) Do we (ALL MANKIND), constantly create a “STORY”, that backs up our insane behaviour?

3) Does this “STORY” rule their/my life?

These are important questions, when answered, will give us a better understanding of the insanity of both the world and ourselves, when we connect “who we BELIEVE we are”,to our thinking.

The evidence, is overwhelming.

This belief has brought about the need to rely on Religion as well as countless forms of self help groups and methods.

They are all sincere in their beliefs that they can solve the insane behaviour of mankind.

They all give a message of hope and an explanation of how their philosophy will “save the individual” from the behaviour that they are caught up in.

The difficulty is, that the behaviour is NOT the problem.

Our behaviour is only an end result of the real problem.

This problem is our belief in our thinking mind being “who we are”.

The behaviour is the symptom but isnot the problem.

The thought is what has brought about the behaviour.

We (MANKIND), have tried unsuccessfully since the beginning of time by blaming our behaviour.

This has been unsuccessful because we have used further thinking, to fix the behaviour.

It does change the behaviour, but it istill leaves us being controlled by our thinking mind.

We have only changed the behaviour, not the the problem.

The thinking mind is the problem because it will do anything it can to keep its control.

That a change in behaviour for good is good, but it does not cure the problem.

Meditation, makes great changes in human behaviour, but it does not cure the problem.

This change is based on opting out of experiences, and creating a refuge within the mind.

It is a change of thinking and is only temporary.

It is reliant on “how we think”, and is mind based.

It is not Reality.

It is an “illusion”.

It does indeed desire Peace and goodwill to all mankind, but it is based on tricking the mind into what is not Reality.

Reality is Life as it “IS”.

PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed that “we are not” our thinking.

That LIFE itself is all we require to bring about the Peace that ALL mankind is seeking.

That to see things as they are is Reality.

When we realise that our thinking mind and the thoughts that it creates - are only thoughts that it creates - is the key!

This brings Reality into our lives.

This supercedes the “illusion” of being connected to our thoughts, and brings into focus the Reality of Life itself.

Peace is only available in the present, and not in past or in future thoughts.

Before we present our second piece of information we remind the JURY that we have numerous articles explaining our stance and we ask that you study and investigate further and you along with every other person who decides to read the information will have peace beyond anything they have experienced.

We further reiterate that we believe that we do not desire to take away the good side of MEDITATION but wish to add that it is not used as a form of escape or to bring about conflict between our physical body and our real self.

The second of our articles is taken from another series concerning MEDITATION we did in November of 2009;

Meditation - Why the “illusion” loves it? (Part 3)

Please read our previous article on Meditation before reading this part.

We shall continue our debate on Meditation by putting together some interesting pointers on why we at Psychegnosis News believe it is not the permanent way to Peace.

We spoke in our previous article about the escapism from life itself that the practise of Meditation gives.

We also wrote that it gives only temporary relief from what we have been taught to belief - that this world is a bad place.

That life experiences needed to be avoided are also an ingrained belief.

These beliefs need to be reversed to have Peace.

When we say our beliefs need to be reversed - we mean exactly that.

Our Sub-Conscious beliefs that to dislike this world, that life is a bind, and that our physical body needs to be escaped from to have peace, are deeply entrenched within it.

We have been taught to believe that these teachings are True.

Our ancestors have passed them to us through our D.N.A..

Our teacher’s and those who influence us in our early years have told us that there is a better place to be, than here on earth.

Perhaps our religion has influenced us to believe these things.

The world in general believes them and they carry a significant influence in our world belief system.

It is easy to see why we believe that here on earth is a bad thing.

It is not difficult to understand the reason Meditation is sought after when we consider all these factors.

We are brain washed into these beliefs.

We at Psychegnosis News wish to say that when we understand who we are not that it shall realign our beliefs.

When we understand that we can control what we believe we can open our minds to what - IS.

We can suddenly detect that our programmed beliefs are not who we are.

We shall understand the “illusion” of our feelings that we once comprehended as being who we were.

We shall also feel free from reacting to our emotions.

That the world around us will become a friend and not a curse.

We shall not fear what life gives us.

We shall simply be one with all that is.

The feeling of Peace will be had from our life and there will be no need to escape into Meditation.

PSYCHEGNOSIS and understanding who we are not is the key.


We could say more but we will leace it at that for you the JURY to decide if our reason for our stance on MEDITATION is correct or not!

It as it ;IS’!

We continue with the trial tomorrow   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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