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PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; Depression - It only EXISTS Inside our HEADS! (42) (6) IN COURT

Article 42 in our new SERIES of articles pertaining to the CREATION of the PHYSICAL WORLD we dwell upon and ask that all those who desire to DISCOVER whether we are here by ACCIDENT or by DESIGN. We will discuss the EVIDENCE presented by modern-day SCIENCE as well as that which we can see with our own eyes. We remind all those who are reading these articles that PSYCHEGNOSIS is NON-RELIGIOUS and ask that you lay aside any BIAS either for SCIENCE or RELIGION.

(We have set up a fictitious courtroom which over the next few weeks we will investigate in detail the claims contained in this newspaper ‘THE Psychegnosis News)

PSYCHEGNOSIS V SCIENCE; Depression - It only EXISTS Inside our HEADS! (42) (6) IN COURT

PROSECUTION COUNCIL; The 5th charge is a very serious one in that your newspaper continues to publish that Depression along with other mind related issues are in most cases something that has been wrongly treated by our medical Practitioners as well as those within the Psychiatric paternity along with those within the many universities throughout the world who have taught that mind related disorders require to be medicated or/and analysed! Again, this is a serious allegation, how do you plead?


PROSECUTION COUNCIL; We ask that you put your evidence in front of the JURY!

The time has come for plain speaking on this very important subject and we make no apologies for bringing forth an alternative to existing treatments of mind related issues and we further claim that these existing treatments are at best giving only temporary relief. Our case is won or lost on our stance that mind related issues are mainly (with a very few exceptions!)) due to a misunderstanding of our vibrational informational impulses! This does not in any way take away the sincerity of those who work within both the physical and mental departments that are presently involved in attempting to stem the ‘Tsunami’ that has engulved every society in every country!

This ‘Tsunami’ of mind related illnesses is so widespread that it has become the ‘NORM’ to prescribe medication and psychiatric evaluations on children as young as three in an attempt to ‘FIX’ what is in most cases just a normal part of having a physical body!

The main focus of our newspaper is to highlight that there is indeed a viable alternative to existing therapies and we would like to present to you the necessary information to not only prove that charge to us concerning our views on depression and all mind related issues but to also have the opportunity to explain why existing therapies are contrary to the laws of nature in that they are attempting to ‘FIX’ something that is a necessary part of our existence here in the physical world!

The claims we have made are not some wildfire accusations based on isolated cases but can be verified from those who are at the forefront of the existing treatments being used in that in most cases their opinions are that they (therapies, such as medication and analysation) having very little effect on the majority of their patients. 

When we see the other methods for treating Depression we see a common thread. This common thread is that they ALL assume that by changing our thinking we can treat Depression. This is not True.
What happens is that we are only changing one Emotion for another. This can give temporary relief. It is not permanent as it is based on success. Let us explain why this is dangerous.
We are in the Physical World and are here to Experience Emotions. These Emotions ALL have an important part to play. They in and of themselves are not bad. They are an essential part of being Human.
When we try and replace one Emotion with another as ALL of the treatments for Depression does we are denying the Emotion its True place within our Physical bodies. It is the cause of both Physical and Mental disorders.
Even those who profess medication or analysation along with Positive Thinking as the solution are causing their patients both Physical and Mental problems by replacing what they consider to be bad Emotions with good Emotions. It is as we have constantly published, leads to the problem of both Physical and Mental illness.
The reason that none of the above therapies can become a permanent solution is that they are trying to change what IS! This is why we need to realise that we are only fighting or trying to change what IS!
When we realise that we are not our Emotions they fall into place without any effort whatsoever. We have no need to try and prevent them or stop them from giving us harm because they cannot harm us because they are not ‘who we are’.
The beauty of the Physical body is that ALL it requires is for it to be fed and watered correctly, and hey presto, it works perfectly in harmony with ALL of Nature.
By trying to treat our Emotions as something bad or good, Mankind is trying to change what is contrary to how ALL of Nature works. Our Emotions are the same as our heart or any other Physical part of our bodies in that they need no outside help to work as they should.
When Mankind tries to circumvent ( Dictionary meaning is : To avoid or get around by artful manoeuvring) what is Natures way and thus leads to both Physical and Mental problems such as Depression.
We declare that Depression needs no special treatments whatsoever! We declare that by simply realising we are not our Emotions, that Mother Nature will take care of what happens to them. It is that simple!
Depression will instantly be eradicated from the Human Race overnight.
It shall no longer require any drugs or special therapies or mind changes. Man can once again be Free to be what he was meant to be.
All we need is to understand is that we are in fact from the unseen World which is Peace.
Peace is the healing factor when we realise that we are not our Emotions.
Peace is the result from understanding we are not our Emotions.
Peace is who we truly are and not what our Thinking Minds think we are.
For you the JURY (ALL WHO ARE READING THIS) we have this Question, which we ask that you read slowly and with an open heart and mind thereby help bring about a better way to treat those who have mind related issues; DO I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT MY EMOTIONAL INFORMATION IS CAUSING ME TO BE HAPPY OR UNHAPPY AND THAT BY TRYING TO ‘FIX’ MY EMOTIONAL INFORMATION BY CATEGORISING IT INTO ‘BAD’ OR ‘GOOD’, I AM ONLY CAUSING MAYHEM AND CONFUSION IN BOTH MY BODY AND MIND?
It is as it ‘IS’!

More tomorrow as we explain the next charge in our courtcase   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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