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TEN QUESTIONS TO ENLIGHTENMENT:What makes us afraid of the TRUTH? (7)

TEN QUESTIONS TO ENLIGHTENMENT:What makes us afraid of the TRUTH? (7)

Here is the QUESTION from yesterday And as with each of the other QUESTIONS the ANSWER follows ; WHY AM I AFRAID OF QUESTIONING MYSELF IN THE MIRROR?

Why is MANKIND afraid of the TRUTH?

This newspaper is a SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH into what we believe is the most IMPORTANT INFORMATION ever given to MANKIND.


It is DESIGNED to ELIMINATE the PRACTISES that have been and are being used at this time to TREAT the PROBLEMS that EXIST in SOCIETY.

We BELIEVE that we have the EVIDENCE that will FREE MANKIND from the INSANE PRACTISES that are PRESENTLY being used by THERAPISTS and MEDICAL authorities.


We BELIEVE that every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD, will benefit INSTANTLY by UNDERSTANDING that their EMOTIONAL OUTPUT is only pieces of INFORMATION and that they have been MISTAKEN for “who we are”.

We BELIEVE that MANKIND is OBSESSED with trying to “FIX” our EMOTIONAL OUTPUT, and by doing so has completely gone done the WRONG ROAD, which has led to GLOBAL INSANITY.

We BELIEVE that when we (MANKIND) REALISE and become AWARE of our INSANITY, that it will bring about the PEACE that will PREVENT the ANNIHILATION of the HUMAN RACE.

The REASON we (MANKIND) are UNABLE to see our INSANITY is because we will NOT ALLOW ourselves to let go of our INDIVIDUAL “STORY”.

We say we want PEACE but at the same TIME will NOT let go of the very REASON we do NOT have PEACE.


The PROBLEM with INSANITY is that the PERSON or PERSONS who are INSANE, are NOT AWARE that they are INSANE.

That is why we must ASK QUESTIONS of our VERSION of what LIFE is all about.

That is why we must STOP and look in the MIRROR and QUESTION why we are NOT HAPPY for very long.

If we do not ASK ourselves DEEP SEARCHING QUESTIONS, we shall NEVER know if we are INSANE or NOT.


What have we (MANKIND) to lose other than the PAIN and CONFUSION that EXISTS inside us?

Those who ASK shall receive.

Those who do NOT ask, shall continue to be DOMINATED by their THINKING MIND.

Our Headline asks the Question about our lives, and we at Psychegnosis News would like to warn ALL Mankind, that if we do not become aware of “who we are not,” we shall be annihilated as a SPECIES.

This may seem a dramatic Statement to make, but we make no apology for writing what we write.

We are not scare mongering.

We do not wish to spread Fear and Trepidation.

We simply wish to give a Solution to what we believe has been the cause of EVERY War, Argument,and Disagreement between Nations not excluding Misunderstandings, Suicide, Murder, Jealousy, Envy, Depression and ALL other problems mankind has taken part in, since the beginning of time.

Unless the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS is understood and implemented, there is no hope for Mankind.

Until we brought the Blueprint for Peace, there was no hope for Mankind.

We are certain, that if any individual no matter how much they are connected to their Thinking Mind, open up their heart to the messages within this newspaper, they will be saved from their Insanity.

They will SEE their Insanity and turn away from it - INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Again, there are those who say - how can this be?,when the greatest minds in History, have never found a Solution.

How is it they say , that a website that has no recognised qualification, is not backed up by a University or College or some other place of Learning, able to bring forth information that can offer PEACE, for EVERY HUMAN BEING?

There never has been a better plan of action since the beginning of time, that offers such a Solution to ALL Mankind.

We declare that EVERY Man, Woman and Child, in EVERY Nation under the Sun will agree with the Solution.

The evidence presented, is beyond reproach.

We ask that those of our readers who have Experienced the Peace that was promised, please write and tell the World, of how The Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS has changed their lives.

It is not just the responsibility of the Editor to bring this incredible information, to the World.

It is up to EVERY person who has been warned, to help warn their loved ones and take it to ALL Mankind.

Why do we find it difficult to Change?

If we allow our Thinking Mind to be in control, we shall never - DO WHAT WE SHOULD DO!

These are some of the answers the Thinking Mind must NOT be allowed to answer.

We ask that we read them carefully, and at the same time ask our REAL selves the above Question as well :

1) “When I realise the articles have explained that I can be Freed instantly from my problems, why do I not just get up and do it?“

2) “When I read that my “STORY” is NOT “who I am”, why do I keep telling it?“

3)“ When I realise that my “STORY” gives me pain and confusion, why do I hold onto it?“

4) “When I see that I’m not my “STORY”, why do I keep adding to it by giving myself more time to change?“

5) “Why do I keep telling myself that things will be different in the Future when I know deep down it wont be? “

The above Questions are to be asked and at the same time ask ourselves who exactly is answering them.

We shall see that excuse after excuse will give us reasons NOT to do it there and then.

Who is answering us?”

At the end of the above statement the Question is asked; “WHO ANSWERS OUR QUESTIONS?”

Is it the REAL US or is it INFORMATION contained as Emotions?

Is it the REAL US or is it our limited totally biased opinion?

The answer is within the Statement.

We are trying to get an answer from a source that does not have the answer - OUR THINKING MIND.

We are asking Questions from a source that has only information based on what it has been taught - THE THINKING MIND.

How can we get an understanding of anything that has only information pertaining to its unbalanced viewpoint?

The Editor at Psychegnosis News receives information, ONLY from the Unseen World.

There is no preparation made, other than getting up each day and writing from what we can only call, inspiration from the Unseen World.

That is why there are no names attributed to the articles, that are written.

The Editor is only receiving the information, and is NOT the AUTHOR.

Those who understand, will understand.

We ask that ALL readers have their own understanding of, “who they are not” and stop depending on their Thinking Mind, to find Peace.

Peace is available to ALL Mankind.

Peace from our Thinking Mind.

We DESIRE all of the HUMAN RACE to AWAKEN from their INSANE BELIEF that they are what they THINK.

We DESIRE that every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD is FREE from the INSANITY that has caused nothing but PAIN and CONFUSION since the DAWN of HISTORY.

DO NOT DELAY. It is as it “IS”.

We end todays article with the next QUESTION. It is within the above article and we ASK that you seriously take the time to fully QUESTION this QUESTION; WHO OR WHAT IS CONTROLLING MY LIFE?

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