Thursday, January 28, 2021


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Physical Exercises brings about REALITY and FREEDOM from our THINKING MIND. (1)

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This new series of articles pertains to how we require to be at one with both our physical body and our thinking mind if we are to bring about the full potential of our existence here in the physical domain.

The reality is that even though we are neither our physical body or our thinking mind they are both a necessary part of our existence here in the physical world and without them working to their full potential we cannot complete the many aspirations that we require to do while we are in our human body.

Unfortunately, many of us are blind to this important reality and are either so focused in our physical body and neglect our spiritual existence or we are entrenched in some future heaven thus neglecting the importance of our both our body and mind!

Our body and mind are so important especially to communicate with our fellow human beings as well as with the physical aspects that surround us in this incredible world we are fortunate to dwell upon.

The facts are that unless we have a balance within our physical and our spiritual sides we are subject to both confusion in our minds and being unable to take part in the physical side of our existence.

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