Thursday, December 14, 2017


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Stress - what is it?

Category - Health

Stress….what is it?

That’s the question that will give conclusive evidence that PSYCHEGNOSIS is the answer to everyone’s problems.

The moment we think a thought it has a reaction within our bodies.

However minuscule the change it brings to our systems, nevertheless, there is change.

The simple answer is “we are not” what we think.

Our attachment to our thoughts is simply a learned process, and an “illusion” is created that quickly gathers momentum as we focus on these thoughts.

It becomes a “STORY”, as our thinking increases and before long we are telling ourselves that it’s “who we are”.

This causes a change to our bodies, as we mentioned previously.

It also wants to elaborate and be given precedence over the other thoughts in our Sub-Conscious.

All actions that we do, are preceded by a thought.

In fact, they may have been planted years previously by an event in our lives and we nourished it Sub-Consciously.

It grew in the darkness as it sent VIBRATIONAL signals to our minds.

Then we do something that amazes or shocks ourselves.

The Sub-Conscious thought began its existence as an idea that evolved into a belief, then into an action.

We then said that or this is, “who I am”.

This topic is absolutely fascinating and will be a great help in understanding PSYCHEGNOSIS and finding out “who we are not”.

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