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Dear Editor

I have found myself pondering on how Psychegnosis News’ approach to the subject of meditation might affect those who love their meditation time. Of course most of us, who haven’t taken that self disciplined road, will be quick to support the “no need for meditation” approach to living. This is the result of my ponderings.

There are many types of meditation so it’s hard to grasp what the word actually means. I know I have struggled with the issue. I have felt guilty for not hunkering down and practicing it. I have both fallen asleep and I have been entertained by interesting pictures flashing through my mind, during attempts at group meditation. I have even had a few profound experiences during this ‘withdrawal time.’ But I always came back to wondering why did I need to practice withdrawing; couldn’t life ‘speak’ with me while I was engaged in my day to day experiences?

There are times when emotions are going crazy and life seems totally out of control. I know that often drives people back into meditation. Others seek meditation in preparation for such occasions. PSYCHEGNOSIS points out that the idea that, “Circumstances are only circumstances - nothing else. Peace is non-judgmental; therefore there is no difference to conditions that surround us.” Instead of reacting to ‘life’ as something we must go get a “fix” for in order to handle things, it is suggested that we simply remind ourselves that we are NOT those emotions, “We are not our beliefs or experiences.”

Meditation does draw us away from our current “now” and dulls our earthly connection, the very thing we are all here on earth to enjoy. Some do find direction and insight in that place. But PSYCHEGNOSIS encourages us to realize that by staying present with “life, our friend,” we will reach beyond that temporary fix and start experiencing Peace and a world that is so much brighter and enriched all the time. We won’t miss out on what life is offering during those withdrawal times from Life’s precious presence.

I’m becoming more aware, really aware, of a beautiful flower, a laughing child, an angry parent, squirrels at play (hmm are they really playing…) or whatever else I’m experiencing. This seems to bring the same results that I hear mediators look for. The difference is that I’m in the thick of the ‘things’ and not isolated from others or the situation at hand. I’m also releasing myself to look past “Illusions” to the essence of Life, itself, while it is taking place. Remember, meditation is not ‘bad,’ PSYCHEGNOSIS simply offers a replacement that will bring you more directly and fully to Peace.

Change is always healthy. We have been spiritually evolving (or perhaps waking up) as the years roll by. Is formal meditation still the way to go? Those at Psychegnosis News have pointed out why a change is a wise choice. Right now, I feel the weight that suggestion might bring to some. I respect the newsletter for addressing such a controversial subject; meditation is such a precious act for many seeking spiritual awareness. With a heart filled with love I simply whisper, “May truth, lead us to full understanding, eliminating all walls that might try to separate us.”

Nancee Doan
Nancee is from New Westminster nr Vancouver, Canada. We would like to thank Nancee for her latest contibution.

Dear Editor of Psychegnosis News,

I thoroughly believe your article on meditation. That meditation is just an emotional crutch, a temporary refuge from reality. It cannot be right to meditate because it turns one away from life and living in the moment. It is a hiding place,  no better than diving beneath the bed covers when you are afraid of the dark (or think you are). It is shunning life itself, life in all it’s magnificence - for what? A short-term fix?, when actually it will in the long-term exacerbate the problems that the individual believes they have. Thank you for your daily reports on the issues in Life that matter.


John Broadhead is from Hull a beautiful part of England.

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