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PSYCHEGNOSIS is the PERFECT BELIEF and is the only Solution for Mankind.

Every Human Being has Beliefs.

Every Family has Beliefs.

Every Society has Beliefs.

Every Religion has Beliefs.

Beliefs are part of “who we are” in the Physical World.

We at Psychegnosis News would like to say that our mission is not to take away any-ones Belief but to simply add to their existing Beliefs.

This will seem a strange thing to say but as we go into the subject we shall see exactly why we say what we say.

First and foremost ALL BELIEFS are only relevant to the Physical domain.

Religion may tell us what happens when we die but it is only a Belief and not a fact.

We can Believe whatever we wish and be as sincere as we want but it does not make it a REALITY.

Every Belief has an affect on us in everything and in every way and most importantly our Beliefs effect how we behave.

Whatever we Believe gives us VIBRATIONAL signals to our nervous systems.

Every Belief we have becomes either a good signal or a bad signal effecting our Health both in body and in mind.

We have the choice to Believe what we desire that is the right of every Human Being.

What we must repeat is that each Belief we have is part of the Physical World only and has no relevance whatsoever except to the person who has that Belief.

When we die our Belief dies with us as is the case with every Physical possesion we have.

As we look deeper into Beliefs and how they effect us let us take a Publication from March 2009 titled; “Health - why PSYCHEGNOSIS is essential?

This article explains how our Beliefs affect us and our Health.

We shall be exploring every avenue in our quest to bring every Human Being on the Planet the TRUTH of “who we are not.”

Let us read this important publication which we have re-published in its entirety because it will help us to better understand our need to be aware of how our Beliefs effect us.

Please read it with an open mind and INSTANT PEACE shall be the result;

“Health - why PSYCHEGNOSIS is essential?

This is very important in our research of how PSYCHEGNOSIS will benefit us all in both mental and physical ways.

We can appreciate the impact PSYCHEGNOSIS has.

We wish everyone to have the best of health.

We desire all people to benefit from the information we shall discuss in this article.

Our desire is to have all Human Beings live a full LIFE and have Peace.

This process is the same as all Natural Laws, it relates to all that - IS.

All that IS makes up everything involved around us in “real time”.

It takes in the exact minute of whatever event we are involved in.

Everything includes how we are.

All else IS.

We are the only ones who can be out of Synchronicity with all that IS.

It is imperative to understand that BELIEF is also present in the healing process.

To have no Belief (or a lack of belief in the healing process or a negative belief in the process) causes us to doubt that we can be Healed.

The lack of Belief is replaced with fear and unease.

It can cause the illness to remain longer or even become a more serious condition.

This is evident in cases where people become hypochondriacs.

Yes, fear and unease are Beliefs. .

Belief is our Sub-Conscious. Belief is in our vibration.

Belief is actually what makes up who we are.

Belief is very powerful.

Belief exists in all of us to a greater or lesser degree.

The power of Belief in Healing must not be underestimated.

A lack of Belief results in a slowing down if not a complete halt in the Process of Healing. Belief is what creates the miracle of healing.

It exists in all societies.

It exists in all religions.

It exists in all therapies.

It exists in all medicine and drug trials which cause the Placebo effect.

It is not the procedure that works the miracle - IT’S THE BELIEF IN THE PROCESS.

It is as it is.

Perhaps we should repeat what we wrote earlier - To have no Belief in the healing process causes us to doubt that we can be Healed.

The lack of Belief is replaced with the Belief of fear and unease.

Yes, fear and unease are Beliefs.

They cause the illness to remain longer or even become a more serious condition.

Fear is also a major cause of creating illness and disease; this is most evident in cases where people become hypochondriacs.

Hypochondriacs are amazing because there belief systems are perfect.

Unfortunately for them it works.

Thinking is the cause of all issues that concern Belief.

Thus the Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS will release us from the vibration that causes ALL illness.

That our thinking causes the vibration that prevents our immune system from operating with all that - IS.” end of March 2009 article.

As the March 2009 article explains, we effect everything by what we Believe.

Let us be aware of what we Believe and our lives can change INSTANTANEOUSLY.

As a final reminder to those who understand we ask that we realise that whatever our Beliefs may be they are not who we truly are but are simply pieces of information VIBRATED to our nervous systems. It is as it IS.

Tomorrow more on BELIEF. comments are most welcome be they for or against to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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