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Titles and names - the “illusions” Heaven

Category - Prisons

Titles and names are, as the heading says, the “illusions” Heaven.

There has never been anything more destructive to this wonderful world than a Title or a Name.


Well, it is the cause of all Wars, Family breakdowns, ending friendships and even working relationships.

The word TITLE is connected to power.

It is the “illusions” connection also.

A person that runs for a Government office or parliament is a prime example.

He starts off as sincere.

Then he believes he is superior.

He cannot take criticism.

He believes he knows what’s best at all times.

He becomes paranoid and thinks that others are after his title or money.

He uses anything to keep that power.

The list is endless and can be used for other Titles or Names.

When parents treat their children as if they own them and they are their property.

The same goes for Husbands/Wives when they assume that they own either party.

Countries believe they are superior to other nations.

Religious people believe they have a right to judge other religions as “being wrong”, thus causing all of the above results.

Even more sad is the passing on of this vibration to children in our schools.

They cause division by the badges that are held in esteem so much so, that they alienate all around them who do not have their badges.

These badges can be on what clothes we wear.

They can be in the way they have their hair cut.

They can be in a tattoo.

They bully and harass those who are not the same.

Where does it begin?

It began at the beginning of time when thoughts became “who we were”.

It became part of our culture.

Our belief systems were passed on from generation to generation.

Thus becoming our Sub-Conscious.

This vibration was difficult to break until now.

The understanding that has been explained in this newspaper The Psychegnosis News gives, will allow everyone to be free from this curse, that ALL humans are participating in.

The reason we cannot see it, is because the “illusion” that “we believe we are”, has control.

It’s incredible how easy it is to see, when we stop thinking.

When we then start to observe our Traditions, Titles, Badges etc, suddenly we see them for what they are.

It is a very wise man that can hold a title, without it going to their head.

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