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Day 29 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; HIS-STORY is not YOUR-STORY!

Category - Relationships

(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 60 days wherein we will discuss 30 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

Day 29 of the 30 DAY ADVENTURE; HIS-STORY is not YOUR-STORY!

As we near the end of YOUR 30 DAY ADVENTURE, where if you have followed diligently the requirements asked for, in that you have watched a video and read an article each day then asked the QUESTION contained within the article, as you looked in the mirror, you should have experienced a massive change both in your worldview as well as in your behaviours!

Or perhaps you feel you are to intelligent and above such childish behaviour, you didn’t need to QUESTION yourself in the mirror???

One of the most important aspects was to not make any effort other than the requirements as stated above.

To make no effort may have seemed a strange request but as PSYCHEGNOSIS is based on all information being good, what we are actually doing is adding this new information to your existing information and your REAL-SELF will then choose the best piece of information and especially that which gives PEACE and HARMONY!

The power is in both the NEW INFORMATION and in the QUESTION which are designed to bring about CHANGES in your SUB-CONSCIOUS and within the nervous system with your PHYSICAL BODY!

As we continue to learn to QUESTION our BELIEFS, what happens is that our TRUE-SELF begins to emerge from behind the ILLUSION, we have been taught is ‘who we are’ and begins to take control over the IMPOSTOR who has been dictating our lives since we entered the PHYSICAL DOMAIN!

Our headline today is designed to give us a constant reminder that we are individually responsible for our BELIEFS and that we should also remember that it’s OUR LIFE, not some other PERSON - GURU - INSTITUTION- RELIGION - POLITICAL or any other SET of BELIEFS from the PAST or PRESENT that we may have given over our life to during our time here in our physical body!

The facts are that when we are BRAINWASHED we are in such a state of unawareness that we are indeed BRAINWASHED and those who desire to control us be they an individual or an organisation frown upon those who dare to QUESTION them or the BELIEFS they want us to follow.

During this ADVENTURE we will have began the process of actually looking at our previous views and say to ourselves such things as ’ WHY DID I NOT SEE HOW I WAS BEING MANIPULATED’ and other such REVELATIONS as this!

This change in our will continue to take place the more we QUESTIONS we ask and will also make way for our REAL-SELF to give ANSWERS that completely take away any GUILT TRANSFERENCE or MIND MANIPULATION previously used by those who controlled us and even the most DEEP-ROOTED of BELIEFS will be put into place.

UNFORTUNATELY, and this may shock some ADVENTURERS, there are some amongst us who are ‘POSSESSED’ and cannot look in the mirror and sincerely QUESTION their BELIEFS because they have no desire to discover the TRUTH.

These people are usually those who CONTROL OTHERS and are leaders of the above organisations or are controlling influences within relationships!

They love power and control over enlightenment because they have NO CONSCIENCE only for themselves and any concern they have for others is based solely on how they can be used to further their SELFISH AIMS!

As an interesting test for those who want to discover if what we have just said, ask your leaders in your RELIGION or other INSTITUTIONS to QUESTION their BELIEFS and watch as they justify not taking up your challenge but instead attack you by projecting GUILT and by actually accusing you of being BRAINWASHED!

We will be discussing these behaviours by those who desire to control us in future articles and videos but to end DAY 29 we ask this QUESTION; AM I ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO CANNOT FOLLOW THE REQUIREMENTS OF LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND SINCERELY ASKING QUESTIONS DURING THIS ADVENTURE, BECAUSE, IF I AM, MAYBE, IT’S TIME I DID SO?

Those who understand will understand but those who do not understand will continue not to understand!

It is as it ‘IS’!

Final day tomorrow.  Psychegnosis News for LIFE CHANGING INFORMATION .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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