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It’s surprising how many people go through life without ever recognizing that their feelings toward other people are largely determined by their feelings toward themselves.

If you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can’t be comfortable with others.

The reason for relationships is not happiness - but transformation.

These words are meaningful when we look at our relationships whether they be Romantic or otherwise.

PSYCHEGNOSIS explains in great detail the way to this tranformation.

To try and fix “who we believe we are”, is not the solution.

This has been tried ever since man learned to think.

It is impossible to ever become happy for any length of time, as our “illusionary self” is never complete, and always wants more.

Thoughts of our PAST EXPERIENCES are the problem, as they become the “illusion” that causes the behaviour, that eventually sabotages, what we once cherished.

Every person has experienced a time when they have sabotaged a special friendship, or even a marriage.

Even afterwards, when the realisation of what they have done sinks in, they continue to cover for the “illusion”,and refuse to admit that they are sorry.

This can continue for years having the PAST EVENT event going over and over again in their mind.

The “illusion” then gains strength, and we do exactly the same sabotaging act in the next relationship.

We look at how we behaved, and ask this question of ourselves - “WHY DO I CONTINUE TO DO THIS”?

The answer lies within our Sub-Conscious and our reaction to the “illusion” that we have developed.

We may have tried to cover up those thoughts, but until we admit that they are not “who we are”, the INSANITY will continue.

This INSANITY takes in family feuds, a loss of a job, and is the major cause of wars between nations.

Psychegnosis News gives us the necessary information to give us the AWARENESS to go beyond the above mentioned “illusion”, and the devastation it has caused to mankind. 

We are excited to share this information that will help all of mankind towards a PEACE that is permanent and not transitory.

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