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Whatever we PRACTICE, we become that PRACTICE!

Our look into ARTICLE 500, continues with a report on a publication from Tuesday, March 17, 2009 titled; “PSYCHEGNOSIS - what’s it all about anyway.”

The headline today tells us, that what we PRACTICE, we become.

This is TRUE for anything we focus on, in the Physical Domain.

When we dwell on a thought, that thought becomes “who we are”, here, in the Physical World.

This is why our “STORY”, dominates our existence.

We have been taught that it is NORMAL to follow our EMOTIONS as being, “who we are”.

What “The LAW OF PSYCHEGNOSIS” has revealed is, that not only are we not our EMOTIONS, but that we are in fact much greater than what our Emotions Vibrate to our body.

There are many readers who start their day with reading the latest information sent to them, and have realised the importance of continually OBSERVING their BEHAVIOUR, as well as those around them.

Those who understand, also realise that their “STORY” of who they once believed they were, needs constant daily reminders.

One such reader is DES ASHTON, who hails from the North of England and who regularly sends in his TESTIMONIAL of what PSYCHEGNOSIS has done for him.

Here is a small portion of what DES, has sent into the Editor.

We thank him for his wise words:

“Hi Editor.

Here is my daily practise which has become my way in life since Psychegnosis was introduced to me over a year ago.

First thing every morning I log on and read the article.

I try to follow the advice and guidance given for that day.

I observe my mistakes, and try again the next day.

A wise man once said practice does not make perfect it does however make permanent so make sure what you practice is what you want.

Des Ashton”

Des points out that by regularly PRACTICING reading “The Psychegnosis News”, he has been able to bring about the changes that he requires to have PEACE from who he once thought he was.

We become what we PRACTICE.

Let us now look at the first Statement from our March 2009 publication which is in BOLD TYPE below;

“Tuesday, March 17, 2009

“PSYCHEGNOSIS - what’s it all about anyway?“

This question is certainly a valid one and must be answered.

It has been sent to your email box regularly every day since the start of 2009.

You are probably aware of who is writing it.

Perhaps you have read it once or twice just out of curiosity.

Some of you have read it every day.

Others have glanced at it when you have had the time.

The question is - how important is it?

We at the editorial desk, would like to emphasise some of the claims, PSYCHEGNOSIS makes.

Here is a list of them, with an explanation;

1) PSYCHE is a new word made up of PSYCHE which is the reality behind who we think we are.

The second part is taken from the Greek word GNOSIS which is knowledge.

Therefore, PSYCHEGNOSIS is a knowledge or understanding of the person behind “who we think we are”.

We live in the Physical world, where the emphasis is on trying to repair, “who we are not”.

Its impossible, because the - real us - is SPIRITUAL.

2) It claims to be a Natural LAW in the same way as Gravity is.

This is important because if it is TRUE, then it matters in the grand scale of things.

If it is not TRUE, then it matters not one whit.

Its evidence lies in the change that results from realising “who we are not”, and the instant feeling of Freedom it gives.” end of first Statement.

As the above Statement claims, either PSYCHEGNOSIS is what it claims to be or it does not.

We ask that we all PRACTICE, what we wish to become.

It is a LAW of NATURE that whatever we wish to become, we must first of ALL PRACTICE whatever we BELIEVE.

If we start each day with the words of wisdom held within the daily article, PEACE will become part of our day, more and more.

It is simple, perhaps too simple for the Thinking Minded, but is indeed simple.

Those who understand will PRACTICE by reading each day, and those who want to enhance their “STORY”, will PRACTICE their version of what they believe LIFE is ALL about. It is as it IS.

Tomorrow more on what PSYCHEGNOSIS is all about. Comments and TESTIMONIALS to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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