Tuesday, March 02, 2021


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Sporting Attitudes (Part 1)

Category - Sports

Up till now it’s well known that attitude, is all important.

To allow ones focus to wander, makes it impossible to perform at the highest level.

What PSYCHEGNOSIS brings is, the awareness of HOW to be focused at all times.

That thinking is not only, not helpful, but is detrimental to the success of all that we are involved with, at that moment.

To be aware of “who you are not”is the key!

As we study this phenomena more, it will free us from the thinking, that prevents our focus.

That’s the exciting news that PSYCHEGNOSIS brings to the world.

This newspaper will make information known, of the process to have a perfect attitude which will allow dramatic changes in whatever sport or activity you will engage in.

It will discus why present BELIEFS must change because they are detrimental to any success.

Our Sub-Conscious will receive vital information and be the catalyst for change.

We will report on the many successes that are being achieved.

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