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Sporting Attitudes - why do we give our Thoughts so much Respect ? (Part 2)

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Sporting Attitudes are our topic over the next week or so but those of our readers who are not interested in Sports don’t switch off.

The Attitudes that make or break a sports minded person are relevant in all that life has on offer.

For this reason ALL readers of Psychegnosis News will benefit from these articles.

This series of discussions are a continuum of our opening discussion a few months ago.

PSYCHEGNOSIS is an important elementin everything that involves the PHYSICAL World.

As we read these and other articles in Psychegnosis News, we shall have a Life beyond our wildest dreams.

We have printed the previous article below - so let us begin.

“Up till now it’s well known throughout the Sporting World that attitude is all important.

To allow ones focus to wander makes it impossible to perform at the highest level.

What PSYCHEGNOSIS brings is the awareness of HOW to be focused at all times.

That thinking is not helpful, but is also detrimental to the success of all that we are involved with at any given moment.

To be aware of “who we are not”, is the key!

As we study this phenomena more, it will free us from the thinking that prevents our focus.

That’s the exciting news that PSYCHEGNOSIS brings to the world.

This newspaper will make more information known, of how process a perfect attitude, which will allow dramatic changes in whatever sport or activity, we engage in.

It will be discussed that present ideas and beliefs must used mankind must be changed, as they are detrimental to any success.

That our Sub-Conscious is the catalyst for this change.

We shall report on the great successes that are achieved, by those that understand what PSYCHEGNOSIS reveals.”

Sport is and will always be, an important part of Living.

It is activity based and is a great way of communicating with ourselves and other Human Beings.

As Human Beings, we are experiencing what its like to be in a Physical body.

It is a communication system, between our Physical bodies and the Un-Seen part of “who we are” - that gives us Life.

We are a Living entity within this incredible World, we call Earth.

This Life force that gives the body the power to move is what gives us the - Attitude and the Motivation.

So by a matter of elimanation our body is not,our Attitude.

Also by the same logic our Attitude is not, “who we are”.

Our Attitude is a product of whatever drives or influences this force.

The force that creates the Attitude is something that is, “who we are”.

This force is the Life giver, that gives us a realisation of the Physical World we exist on.

This same Life giver, also determines where and what to chose to do, with our Physical bodies.

This allows us to be creative, and not just be led by our instincts or emotions.

Our instincts and emotions are important, but they are not what - drives our Attitude.

Our instincts and emotions are a natural development, passed down through our ancestors in our D.N.A., as the Human race has developed.

They are important and can benefit and enhance our lives in a Physical sense.

Our Attitude can benefit from instinct, but both these elements are not - “who we are”.

We must at this point explain a little, why we are discussing the of Attitude is and where its source derives from.

Understanding the source of Attitude is imperative if we are to reach the MAXIMUM success that can be achieved in whatever activity we are involved in.

This information will give us an understanding of the possibilities that are achievable as individuals.

It will also reveal that ability alone is not necessary for success.

In fact ability can be learned by practise but a realisation of where we get our Attitude from is imperative to know.

The problem we ALL have is we are - a product of our Thinking Mind.

This thinking mind is mistaken for - “who we are”.

This in turn has led us to have limitations given to our performance in whatever activity we are taking part in.

This is where the importance of understanding the source of Attitude comes in.

Attitude and our minds are what communicates between the Physical and the unseen Worlds that make up “who we are” as Human Beings.

If our minds are limited in the thought process our - Attitude is affected.

If our minds are allowing our thoughts to influence our Attitude we will not reach the maximum in our performance.

The world in general believes that we need to change our thinking to succeed but PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed that for be able to achieve a change in thinking is not the way.

It needs a new belief and that is to eliminate the thought that “we are our minds”.

Therein lies the problem.

The connection that we “are our thinking mind” gives to much Respect to thoughts and therefore we are limited to what our Thinking Mind has stored.

This statement when first looked at will perhaps confuse us as readers but when you look at the Reality of the words, they tell us the Belief that prevails throughout mankind.

This Belief has been the forefront of all the World in every culture and people.

PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed we are not “our Thinking Mind.

That our Respect given to our Thinking Mind is overrated.

It is so overrated to the point that we believe whatever our Thinking Mind tells us.

We depend on it to give us our Reality.

It is not Reality.

It limits you.

It creates a barrier to success in whatever activity we are involved in.

Our minds are important but we give it more respect than it deserves.

The mind is a communication tool - NOT WHO WE ARE

This series of articles are the beginning of a new era in Sports, and we promise that our articles will enhance not only your Sports career, but your whole outlook on Life.

We will continue to discuss in detail, the Beliefs that the World believes are Facts.

We will continue to present the evidence the Sports World, that will unveil indeed theses myths, and will reveal what is REALITY.

We ask that all people and not just those interested in Sports join with us in discussing this vital information that PSYCHEGNOSIS has brought to the World we live in.

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