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A list of people that are practising this exciting Universal law which testify of its effect on their lives are presented below.

Marcello Russo  on Psychegnosis. Testimonial (Golf)

Before being introduced to Psychegnosis, for as long as I can remember, every time I played golf I often felt frustrated, overwhelmed and worthless - I was consistently reacting to a set of egotistical beliefs that had been made up in my head about what has to happen on a golf course in order for me to feel fulfilled. Unlike the outstanding players of our time, I had no acceptance of the result - whether it be ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ ‘indifferent,’ or whatever the case may have been.

Once I was able to understand why I was reacting in this fashion, and once I was able to get to grips with the reasons why I did this, my time on the golf course became much more acceptant, adventurous and consequently much more enjoyable. After knowing that I would no longer react to circumstances - a lot of which were out of my control - my golf game became vastly improved.

Within the space of two months I had reduced my handicap from two to scratch and had won my 36 hole club championship - overturning a four shot deficit after round one to win by two strokes. I felt in my gut that by going into every shot knowing I had an acceptance of whatever outcome emerged, I had nothing to hold me back. A part of my mind enjoyed the physical reactions I would express - disappointment, frustration and bad temper - as I gave it the attention that it does not deserve.

Once I understood that I was not my mind, that I was not all of the things that I had previously believed myself to be, I no longer had any limitations on how far I believe I can progress in the sport.


Nancee D from Vancouver writes
“I am not who I think I am?” Although truth, is truth and therefore already surrounds us waiting to be discovered, unique new approaches to truth become necessary avenues to removing lies that have attached themselves. Our ego learns to block truth, just as body infection learns new defenses to things like penicillin. PSYCHEGNOSIS offers us a new way to free ourselves from the manipulating, controlling stories of our egos.

I have spent my adult life trying to find ways through and around the constant aching muscle pain I experience in my body. When I started rooting up emotional memories I made progress. But it never seemed enough, as new emotional issues kept arising. These often lead to depressive thoughts which slowed down my search. Why was this happening?

The constant stories swirling within led me to believe that I was some poor woman controlled by constant emotional shifts. The moon phases every month furthered these thoughts. Memories surfaced to add more accusations and a new story I titled, “One step forward and two back” emerged.

Although I have become more conscious of the idea of “past and future stories” controlling my life and how awareness is the first step to crumbling them, PSYCHEGNOSIS is a welcomed daily reminder of this. Each newspaper prompts me with “Who I am not.” In fact, I now use this as a simple new mantra in my life.

If I start to become ruffled by someone’s comments I now hear the quiet voice within repeat, “I am not this emotion.” Loneliness tries to creep in and again I whisper, “I am not this loneliness.” If I notice that my head is getting ‘puffed up’ over a compliment, I repeat to myself, “I am not this emotion either.”

PSYCHEGNOSIS offers us a new, liberating tool that can release us from the prison our ego (our self-image, our daily masks…) has created around us. The writings are inspired from the attitude of, “How can I help others?” This sincere attitude, followed up with action, brings healing to our world.

Picture in your mind for a moment something beautiful and valuable; perhaps you see a priceless stone or a breathtaking flower or critter… Now see your treasure sitting under a slow drip of wet cement. If left unattended that cement begins to harden layer after layer until there is little from the outside that even hints at the true beauty of what lies within.

You are that treasure. This new online newspaper is inspired, loving tool to remind you that you are not those things that have seemingly shaped your life. It hands you a way of exposing the “cement” for what it is. Fortunately for us, ‘tools of truth’ can dissolve the cement away… like heat would do to ice. PSYCHEGNOSIS NEWS is a ‘user friendly’ tool that I have welcomed into my life.

I wonder what today’s article will remind me that, “I am not…?”

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