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Traditions -  Good or Bad???

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We as Humans love our Traditions, and our “illusion” loves to express itself through that very strong Emotional connection.

The reason the “illusion” wants to take a particular foothold is because, it can be taught and passed on to others from Generation to Generation.

You may ask why?

Well, if you look at all Nations or Religions and all Communities throughout the World there are deeply held Beliefs and Traditions.

The passion for these Traditions we mistakenly take on ourselves gives us a reason to judge others, thus partitioning our fellow Human Beings.

This passion causes it to be Believed by millions of people, thus contaminating our Sub-Conscious mind, as well as the Collective mind in that Society.

Religion realized the power Tradition had, and used it to bring CONVERTS to their idea of GOD.

They would never have had much success, if they had not done so.

To help convert people in Nations that had a different Belief of God than they had, they adopted these Traditions into their Belief Systems.

This is evident wherever you look throughout the World .

Where the danger lies, is in the bonding together of Tradition and Belief in God.

Why again is this?

Again, the “illusion” makes out that anyone not practicing their Rituals or Traditions, must be Bad or Evil,  by saying they are from God.

Then anything that is done in the name God, even violence, is tolerated.

It’s amazing that we have all been taken in, but we have.

When we understand what PSYCHEGNOSIS is, we are free from this Belief system that has caused Wars, Suicides and division since the beginning of Time.

It means we can ALL practice our Traditions or Religions without connecting them to be Superior of those that choose another way.

Traditions are a fantastic illustration of how different we are but should be used only for that Reason.

They are NOT to be used to make others feel Inferior.

This will break the spell that Traditions have been used for in the Physical World we live in.

This can also be illustrated in the pompous attitude that makes out that a certain Culture is good and others are bad.

This Vibration can take in the Colour of someones skin or even the area a person lives in.

For anyone connected to their “illusion” this is Impossible to Understand.

When we come to an understanding that we are NOT, “who we think we are” it becomes evidently clear.

This clarity is the promise PSYCHEGNOSIS makes, which will bring Peace to all Mankind.

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