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Category - What is Psychegnosis


Before commencing with the following information we would like to commend all those who practice any THERAPY related to MIND RELATED ISSUES and do NOT wish to demean or undermine their desire to bring about changes in the lives of those who are afflicted with MIND RELATED ISSUES.

The following list of existing THERAPIES concerning MIND RELATED ISSUES explains why PSYCHEGNOSIS is UNIQUE and the reasons ALL of these TREATMENTS are NOT DESIGNED to overcome the complexities connected with a HUMAN BEINGS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM!

To simplify matters we can break down existing therapies into 4 CATEGORIES to make it easier to understand rather than go through the myriads of treatments available in the world today.


The word PSYCHEGNOSIS is a new word!

The first of these words is PSYCHE meaning the real us behind the MIND and the BODY. The second being GNOSIS which is a GREEK word meaning KNOWLEDGE.

So this gives us PSYCHEGNOSIS; the KNOWLEDGE of who we truly are’!

As we go through each category we will see clearly why PSYCHEGNOSIS has a completely different approach to other THERAPIES that treat MIND RELATED ISSUES.

Let us explain what PSYCHEGNOSIS does so that we can relate back to the reason it is different from the 4 therapies.

PSYCHEGNOSIS explains that our MIND and our BODY are only part of an amazing COMMUNICATION SYSTEM which is constantly receiving INFORMATION through our intricate nervous setup contained in our physical body so therefore it is unnecessary and dangerous to TREAT it with any kind of THERAPY as it was DESIGNED to be a COMMUNICATION SYSTEM!

The BELIEF that our MIND is who we are’ is at the foundation of ALL existing therapies and this CORE BELIEF is so prevalent in the every community and every society it has reached the point where it so ingrained in UNIVERSITIES and SCHOOLS of learning it is seldom if ever QUESTIONED! PSYCHEGNOSIS explains that if we change our understanding of this ACCEPTED BELIEF of ‘who we think we are’ then we can bring about a permanent and lasting change rather than a temporary relief from our MIND RELATED ISSUES.
The FOUNDATION of anything including a building is very important and if the FOUNDATION is built upon something that is not substantial then it is not to be trusted. The FOUNDATIONAL BELIEF that our MIND and BODY is somehow ‘who we are when looked at from both a LOGICAL and PHILOSOPHICAL viewpoint shows that it has very little FOUNDATIONAL EVIDENCE whatsoever other than worldwide acceptance. For this reason we ask that you the reader open up your mind and heart and look at the evidence presented within this article! 

Within the pages of PSYCHEGNOSIS NEWS is an online newspaper where there are 2000+ articles published since 2009 where you the reader can find out more information concerning PSYCHEGNOSIS http://www.psychegnosis.com

CATEGORY 1 is MEDICATION; MEDICATION for long term use to solve our MIND RELATED ISSUES has become an accepted TREATMENT for MIND RELATED ISSUES and unless it is stopped (accept for major trauma or bereavement) this form of treating our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION will lead to nothing but DRUG ADDICTION on a level beyond any plague ever recorded in the history of mankind! More and more people are reliant on this for relief from MIND RELATED ISSUES and do so for many years even until they die which is tragic indeed! The reason for this is quite simple in that to continue taking MEDICATION for any EMOTION will bring upon us a dependence both PHYSICAL and PSYCHOLOGICALLY as well as other side effects that when withdrawn lead to more serious health problems. PSYCHEGNOSIS explains that ALL of our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION is important even what we consider BAD INFORMATION then we can come to terms with our EMOTIONAL CRISES by realizing that it NOT who we are’. When we fully become aware and understand that our BODY and MIND are INFORMATION CENTRES we are released from the BELIEF that we are NOT our BODY nor are we our MIND!

CATEGORY 2 is MEDITATION; When we discuss MEDITATION we are specifically talking on the use of MEDITATION whilst believing we are our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION. As our EMOTIONAL IMPULSES are only pieces of INFORMATION and do NOT EXIST except in our MIND they DO NOT require to be fixed but rather to be OBSERVED for what they are rather than be given the TITLE of being ‘who we are’! This important understanding then changes our FOCUS on how we look upon ALL of our EMOTIONAL IMPULSES and gives us POWER and CONTROL over them rather than giving them a ROLE that they were NOT DESIGNED to do! This AWARENESS takes away the CONFUSION and the DISAPPOINTMENTS connected with trying to MEDITATE to FIX something that in REALITY has NO EXISTENCE other than our previous BELIEF that ‘we were’ that piece of INFORMATIONAL VIBRATION! It also takes away many useless hours wasted MEDITATING trying to understand our EMOTIONAL ISSUES!

CATEGORY 3 gives us ANALYSATION; We come to probably the most DIFFICULT of ALL treatments concerning MIND RELATED ISSUES because our THINKING MIND is obsessed with ANALYSING our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION! Within the field of PSYCHIATRY the main FOCUS is in going into detail concerning our PAST EXPERIENCES and attempting to find a reason we are UNHAPPY and on the surface that seems an obvious way to look at why we are unhappy but when we do so it usually turns out to lead to more PAIN and CONFUSION and rather than finding any permanent SOLUTION we find ourselves even worse than before we began the useless journey of looking into our PAST EXPERIENCES which usually ends up blaming others from our PAST for our unhappiness! Again we look to what PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed in that our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION is NOT ‘who we are’!

CATEGORY 4 are broken into 2 words MOTIVATION and POSITIVE THINKING; Each of these THERAPIES are used to combat our EMOTIONAL STATE by replacing one emotion for another and again on the face of it like the THERAPY of PSYCHIATRY it seems a logical thing to do but as in PSYCHIATRY both of these are based on believing that ‘we are’ our EMOTIONAL INFORMATIONAL IMPULSES MOTIVATION is temporary and distracts us from our EMOTIONAL INFORMATION but only for a very short period of time before the MIND RELATED ISSUES return. As for POSITIVE THINKING it is no different from NEGATIVE THINKING in that BOTH tell our NERVOUS SYSTEM we are NOT HAPPY where we are and that our HAPPINESS is in the FUTURE which like the PAST has no REALITY because it does NOT EXIST! Both MOTIVATION and POSITIVE THINKING have roles to play in our lives but when connected to our BELIEF that ‘we are’ our EMOTIONAL INFORMATIONAL IMPULSES are actually DANGEROUS because they take us into a state of unreality! Understanding PSYCHEGNOSIS makes it possible to actually be HAPPY whatever situation we are involved in due to being an OBSERVER in our daily activities.
All of the above are fully explained within the upcoming website and brochure and courses….

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