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Category - What is Psychegnosis

This is a report on what PSYCHEGNOSIS can do for you, which will help the transition necessary for the peace you will instantly receive.

This amazing change is akin to a Spiritual or a Religious experience in the way that it’s something beyond the norm.

PSYCHEGNOSIS, when practised, has a dramatic effect in all areas of a persons life in a way that brings PEACE.

This feeling emanates from every fibre of our being.

The effects at first are quite giddy as if a heavy burden has been taken from us.

It’s not that we don’t care about anything, it’s just that we see it as it IS.

The -IS- part being our life situation.

You have a feeling that you’re invulnerable (like superman) but at the same time you know you are dependant on all things that surround you.

It’s not like getting excited or being motivated or any feeling felt before in your life experiences.

It’s a feeling that you have arrived back from where you once were and a stillness enters which we can call PEACE.

This is the whole outcome of realising that we are not our thinking.

This amazing transformation remains as long as we don’t make an effort.

This is the opposite of what the world teaches as all change in the physical realm requires effort.

The allowing to be is the difficult part as we keep reverting back to our thinking thus our “illusion” takes control.

When we are back to our thinking process all the old fears return with a bang.

The longer we stay in the the non thinking mode the bigger the jolt when we return to our “illusion”.

Life becomes a chore again as we download our past thoughts and our future fears.

The “illusion” is glad you have returned and quickly makes up for lost time.

Do not panic because that will only strengthen the “illusion”.

Just be alert and observe the emotions and realise that they are only old experiences that must be released.

As we allow everything around us to be the easier it is to stay in the non thinking mode.

To be aware of each step you are taking and watching the world around us will enhance our new world.

To be where you are at any given time also stops the “illusion” taking a foothold back.

As you do this the world seems so much better.

Colours become more vivid and you even enjoy your own company.

There is no uneasiness in your new world.

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