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Category - What is Psychegnosis

Words and their meaning in PSYCHEGNOSIS….............

“ILLUSION” - means the thoughts or emotions we mistakenly take for, “WHO WE ARE”.

The connection to our past experiences is also the “illusion”.

It’s a very important part of understanding PSYCHEGNOSIS.

ISMS - is used for Phobias and the many disorders that people are diagnosed with.

It can be connected to anything that the “illusion” believes they are.

“VIBRATION” - means the learning or the effects or the feelings we use to communicate.

This is how our emotions transmit to ourselves and those around us.

VICTIM POWER” - this is used by someone who wishes to control anyone or any situation by passing guilt etc

“IS”- will be denoted in capitals telling us it is our life situation.

“WHO WE ARE NOT”- this is a fundamental TRUTH that PHYCHEGNOSIS teaches.

Its not as the world teaches, in that we should FIND OURSELVES in our emotional output.

Finding ourselves plays into the “illusions” hands and is a waste of time.

“REAL REALITY” - this is where the REAL WORLD is that truly exists.

NOT the world the “illusion”, keeps us in.

This is the only place that life and therefore PEACE dwells.

Its a refuge from who “we believe we are”.

Which is not real so therefore cannot give us PEACE.

“CREATIVE TIME” - This is our connection with"Real Reality”, it’s only possible to create, in the exact moment we are in.

ALL other time is dead or non-creative.

“THE FINAL FRONTIER” - This is the biggest hurdle in finding out “who we are not”.

It’s the “illusions” ace card - USING PSYCHEGNOSIS, TO ITS OWN ADVANTAGE.

It ignores the real reason for PSYCHEGNOSIS, at the same time professing its principles.

“SELF DESTRUCT MODE”-  is the result of holding onto control in any given situation.

The need to control people or circumstances.

The need to control our children or workers.

The need to keep an important position in society.

It can be for a triviality, such as the need to be correct in every circumstance.

It is the ultimate in controlling what we believe is us.

It is all actions, that lead to Self destructive behaviour.

“REAL TIME” - is the only time we can be creative.

We can control or at least change what we like in REAL TIME, but we CANNOT control what has happened (past) or what will happen(future).

We can learn from, but not CREATE,  in past or future time.

“COMPLEX BEHAVIOUR” - is our inferiory and superiority emotions that we believe are, “who we are”.

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