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TESTING PSYCHEGNOIS; Is there a HELL in the UNSEEN waiting for us when we DIE? {part 1)

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Is there a HELL in the UNSEEN waiting for us when we DIE? {part 1}

This QUESTION requires an answer and is important if we are to be FREE from our BRAINWASHED CONDITIONING.

For those who are acquainted with this newspaper and for those who are perhaps new to this information concerning ‘The Law of PSYCHEGNOSIS’ we ask that you open up your hearts to what we are about to reveal to you this day.

Within the PHYSICAL DOMAIN there are certain LAWS that do not pertain to the UNSEEN DOMAIN!

We EXISTED before we entered the PHYSICAL BODY you see in the MIRROR and we shall EXIST after we leave the PHYSICAL WORLD.

This is a very IMPORTANT piece of information for us to comprehend if we are to overcome our present STATE of HYPNOSIS that rules our LIVES.

Our UNDERSTANDING that we EXISTED before we came here will help us to see INSTANTLY what is TRUE and what is FALSE here in the PHYSICAL world we dwell in.

Within all RELIGIONS there is a major fallacy concerning where we will be going after we DIE.

This fallacy has been taught throughout history and is unfortunately imbedded in the hearts and minds of every HUMAN BEING who believes in an after life.

What is this fallacy?

It is that we will either go to a place called HEAVEN or a place called HELL!

This fallacy has spread its wings over every religion and has brought about all sorts of erroneous beliefs concerning where we as HUMAN BEINGS originate from.

That is why we here at this newspaper continue to explain we EXISTED before we entered our PHYSICAL BODY.

The LAWS of the UNSEEN are NOT as this PHYSICAL world because there is NO birth or death nor is there any EMOTION we as HUMANS are experiencing.

If we (all of us) realise that EVERY HUMAN BEING is BRAINWASHED (no exceptions) then the fallacy that there is a HELL waiting for us is NONSENSE because how can we possibly be GUILTY of actions and deeds that we were not in control over?

How can we be BLAMED for following our EMOTIONAL impulses that rule over us?

We came into our PHYSICAL BODY to experience what was not possible in the STATE we had within the UNSEEN and we will leave this PHYSICAL body having added important knowledge to our PREVIOUS state.

That is one of the main reasons we are here in the PHYSICAL DOMAIN and we have been placed here individually playing the part we require to give us the maximum KNOWLEDGE we require to progress on our JOURNEY towards our final DESTINATION whatever that may be.

Because of the ignorance shown towards the FACT that we existed before our HUMAN experience we have RELIGIOUS beliefs that say there is a HELL awaiting those who do not live according to their RULES and DE-MAN-ments.

FEAR and CONTROL have become their teachings and GOD is shown as a the worst kind of DESPOT and someone who is full of REVENGE towards those who do not follow his rules to the letter.

We at this newspaper would like to reiterate with all of our might that we are GODS and that when we leave this plane of EXISTENCE we shall see the wisdom and the reason behind the PHYSICAL DOMAIN and why it is important for our PROGRESSION in our eternal journey.

There is no HELL because put simply there is no REASON for one.

We advise all RELIGIOUS leaders to stop the INSANITY that exists within their teachings

Those who understand will understand. It is as it IS!

(More tomorrow on othe fallacies concerning religious beliefs and the UNSEEN)

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