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We begin our article today by asking this QUESTION and further request that you keep the QUESTION in mind as we go through today’s publication;

Why it is INSANE to treat one EMOTION with another EMOTION?

The process of life allows every Human Being the choice to be whatever they choose.

The problem is that almost every Human Being has given over this FREEDOM TO CHOOSE by misunderstanding “who we actually are”.

We are constantly fighting ourselves internally by using one Emotion to treat another Emotion.

This is causing mayhem in every community and is the reason we shall never have Peace.

Psychiatrist treat our psychological issues with explaining that we need to understand our feelings as “who we are.”

Philosophy tells us we are our Past experiences.

Religious organisations treat our Guilt feelings with more Guilt feelings.

Schools and Universities continue to teach that “we are our” Thinking Minds.

Parents continually tell their children the nonsense they were taught by their parents that “they are” their feelings.

We look towards Self Help books and Positive thinkers so that we can learn new strategies that only cover up temporarily some experience we believe “is who we are.”

We escape from the World and LIFE by Meditating or joining a group or Sect to get away from our Emotions but only continue to be confused and fearful.

Our lives are given over to so called Gurus or Mentors to run every aspect of our lives.

We depend on Drugs or Alcohol to bring about changes because we cannot live in the REAL World.

Nothing that the World teaches gives any kind of permanent Solution because we are simply treating our Emotions with another Emotiions.

It is like taking poison then treating it with more poison.

It only leads to more confusion and a life full of fear.

Which one of the above runs your LIFE?

Which of the CHOIRMASTERS have control over us?

It would be wise for us to look at this publication once more so that we can begin to see “who and what is” running our lives.

Our desire is for ALL Mankind to be FREE to choose “who they can be” by realising “who they TRULY are” and being FREE from what they believe is “who they are.”

We URGE YOU to read the following INFORMATION with an open mind for in it is great Wisdom which will bring about a TRANSMUTATION resulting in instant Peace within our nervous system.

Who exactly is your Choirmaster? 

Having good Health is important to all peoples in every land and every culture.

The impact it has on our mental state can be devastating.

Mental Health is more important than the Physical aspect of Health.

It is an integral part of our existence and it needs to be understood what affect our thinking mind has on both our Physical and Mental welfare.

Today we shall discover why we must become aware of what PSYCHEGNOSIS has revealed in our quest in becoming more in harmony with all that is.

The Choirmaster is not who we think it is.

The Physical nature of our Health has a direct relationship to our Mental status and Vice-Versa.

The importance of Harmony between them cannot be stressed enough.

We may focus on being Physically fit by exercising etc but if we are Mentally out of tune it will eventually cause mayhem within our nervous system.

We may look like Superman or Wonder Woman but inside we are like a rotting apple.

This confusion will eventually take its toll on our physical appearance and we shall become a victim of all sorts of Mental dis-orders.

The more coordination between our Physical and Mental states the more chance we have of a long and healthy life.

The mind is the un-seen part of our Health and plays the role of Choirmaster in the process.

It dictates what, where, and how we shall live our lives.

This Choirmaster has a direct bearing on everything related to our lives including Health.

It plays any tune it wishes.

It can play the song of Life or it can perform a Requiem Mass - it is the master of all that happens in the Physical and the un-seen world.

That is unless we decide not to allow it to be the master of ceremonies anymore.

The question is how do we do that?

We can overcome the mind by understanding the process of how it works.

We can also give the mind its proper role in the workings of our bodies.

The mind is an amazing communicative system and plays a vital part in our lives.

It can pass information and store information.

It does a fantastic job being part of our Physical body.

This is the role it was designed to do.

Nothing else nothing more.

It was NOT designed to be the Choirmaster.

It was not created to run our lives - it is only the information holder and communicative tool that helps to run our complicated systems.

The reason we give it the part as the Choirmaster is because we believe the mind is “who we are”.

The importance of the last statement cannot be emphasised enough so we shall repeat it - the reason we allow it to play the part of Choirmaster is because we believe the mind is “who we are”.

Please understand that when we realise this important statement we can have our Physical and Mental health back onto the road to recovery.

It is instant.

The Process of Life immediately enters in.

It takes the reigns and runs the SHOW once more just as nature intended.

The Freedom we feel is a Freedom that is unexplainable in words.

This is a promise.

We at Psychegnosis News ask that you put this into practise starting right now and - allow the True Choirmaster to regain control.

We desire all to have the best Health both Physically and Mentally by realising our minds and therefore our thoughts are “not who we are”.

Who is leading your LIFE?

Who is running your daily affairs?

Who dictates how you feel when you awaken each day?

What influences your every decision?

Who exactly is your CHOIRMASTER?

We ask that you ask yourselves these Questions in the mirror.

It is as it IS.

Our QUESTION for TODAY relates to all of the QUESTIONS ABOVE;


DAY 11 begins with a video where we delve deeper into how we are NOT in control!

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