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(This series of ARTICLES are DESIGNED to be part of an EXPERIMENT which will take place over 30 days wherein we will discuss 15 COMMON BELIEFS held by MANKIND which cause us to PROCRASTINATE. Only a select few who volunteered will be privy to this information before it is released to the rest of mankind!)

The title of today’s publication is; what are your Terms & Conditions to be happy?

The importance of giving Terms & Conditions to anything is, that we set a limit to our participation, in whatever we are involved in.

The Terms & Conditions we would like to talk about today and which we shall elaborate on during our 30 day experiment is, our Terms & Conditions for bringing about happiness in our lives.

These Terms & Conditions are different for every individual, and are there are usually different Terms & Conditions for every situation.

For example, if we have Terms & Conditions relating to our love for our partners or our children and friends, we will only give our love if these terms & conditions are met.

There is nothing we can do about the outcome after we have set these Terms & Conditions within our Sub-Conscious.

Our minds immediately prevent our love from continuing, because we have given it the vibrational information which we have communicated to our sub-conscious and lo and behold, we stop loving because of these pre-determined Terms & Conditions.

Our whole nervous system then withholds our love because that is the way our physical body must react.

Every time we set down our Terms & Conditions we are giving ourselves parameters (boundaries), which curtail our development in any given situation.

Many a wonderful relationship is and has been destroyed over such a simple Term & Condition as how we should fold our towels or how we expect others to behave in other simple every day tasks.

We make a hullabaloo (great drama), over things that are trivial, all because of our pre-arranged Terms & Conditions.

Terms & Conditions are important, but only if they are sane Terms & conditions.

One great example is to have the following Term & Condition as part of our arrangement with our Sub-Conscious ;

I will do unto others what I would have them do unto me.

That is one of the few Terms & Conditions we should have in our lives concerning how we treat our fellow Human Beings!.

For those who have the above Terms & Condition the result will be happiness and peace for the rest of their lives (and others around you!).

Whatever we do in life is controlled by our Terms & Conditions and unless we change those terms or abandon them completely we will always be a prisoner to them!

Terms & Conditions are a major component of every Belief we have and it is little wonder we are unhappy most of the time because most Terms & Conditions (IF NOT THEM ALL) are at best limiting and in most cases highly dangerous in that they stop us from being the best we can.

The less Beliefs we have, the less Terms & Conditions we will have, because one cannot exist without the other!

The more Beliefs we have the more Terms & Conditions there will be.

The more of both of these; The more PAIN and CONFUSION will be generated to our NERVOUS SYSTEM and our IMMUNE SYSTEM will be so much more STRESSED which in turn will bring upon us an early death!

We end todays article with this simple but poignant Question which will help us realise that we are overburdened with Terms & Conditions;



It is as it ‘IS’.

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